Hiding radiator pipes

I've been fruitlessly trawling the Amazon website looking for what I would refer to as "radiator pipe boxing".

Does anyone know what I mean by this and what the proper name for it would be to help me find it please?

It's for use to hide radiator pipes that are on show coming down the walls (as I've still had to have a couple of pipes leading to radiators coming down the walls in sight). Hence white plastic (upvc?) boxing put over the top of them and paint that boxing to match in with the colour of the walls to help disguise them.

Second question being as to whether this boxing comes in different widths (ie to hide narrow bore pipes on the one hand and standard width ones on the other hand)?


  • SailorSam
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    Whereabouts on the wall do the pipes come down ?
    The pipes to my radiators all come down in the corner of the room so what i used was the coving that you'd normally have up by the ceiling.
    Going wall to wall it's hollow at the back and easily painted or wallpapered over.
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  • moneyistooshorttomention
    No such luck as them being in corner of room. So coving is out I'm afraid.
  • Mark_Mark
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    What size pipe are you trying to hide?

    Some wood and hardboard would be the best bet if you can't be arsed to chop them into the walls.
  • martinthebandit
    er, if you are going to box them in and then paint the boxing to match the walls why don't you just paint the pipes?
  • moneyistooshorttomention
    Wood and hardboard is one possible way to go.

    I've been able to check out a couple of websites and I think I should be okay for some of this trunking coming in the size I would need.

    Current trunking used in house is 25 x 50 mm by the look of it and I think that would mean I need the next size up probably, as this trunking is proving too small for whatever reason for the two side-by-side small bore central heating pipes going down and I think I need something that comes out just a small bit further from the wall (to ensure the pipes cant "knock" against that casing).
  • 27col
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    When I built my house I chopped electrical trunking into the wall to such a depth that when the wall was skimmed, the lid of the trunking was just below the surface. Although, in over 35 years, I have never needed access to the piping. This was microbore, it would have needed a bigger trunking for standard 15mm pipe.
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  • jonnyb1978
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    I used these. Great product. Joined the skirting to it to, to blend in with rest of room.
  • moneyistooshorttomention
    Thank you.

    Looks like that could be just the job for me.:D
  • WestonDave
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    I painted mine silver with plastikote paint - as we have chrome/silver fittings in the room and most of the pipe is behind the curtain (radiators under the windows) its only the last foot above the curtains that shows so with silver curtain poles it looks fine (in my opinion!)
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