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End wanted to ParkingEye ticket

Having spoken to the Parking Cowboys they kindly directed me to this forum for some advise on my Parking dispute

I received a ticket off PE and ignored all following letters, I received my court letter and acknowledged on line, I purchased the Parking Pranksters guide to fighting PE, I used his advice to submit an initial defence and the court has been changed to my local one. PE sent a huge response to my defence and detailed that they are willing to conduct court mediation to end the dispute, yet on their N180 form they ticked 'No' to being referred to mediation services....I recently email PE direct titled 'Without prejudice save to cost', here I went in low and offered £30 to settle with them, with a hope or an offer from reply as yet!

Basically this year I have my wedding to organise along with a honeymoon, be best man at my dad’s wedding, 2 stag dos, whilst working shifts and currently applying for a new job. With so much going on this year I just want an end to this constant background issue.

How can I just agree a settle with PE and end this once and for all?


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