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Average annual maintenance cost for your home.



  • phoebe1989seb
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    arbrighton wrote: »
    I wish I could answer but I know we haven't got to a point where we are just maintaining the house.

    Same fact (having taken on a series of long-term projects) I don't recollect a time when we were ever purely *maintaining* a house :o

    Our current place - a 200+ year old, non-listed, thatched stone house - was extremely dilapidated when we bought it in 2011. Parts were literally falling down and had to be rebuilt/replaced, all whilst we were living in the building. It had no kitchen and only rudimentary bathing facilities so these needed sorting as a matter of urgency. There wasn't even any electric lighting in the main reception rooms :o Therefore the house couldn't simply have been taken on and maintained.

    Normally we would maintain any original windows (and would do/have previously done all the painting ourselves) but these too were rotten and have just been replaced with hardwood DG sashes, which hopefully will need only minimal maintenance over the next few years. We will be cleaning them ourselves as with in excess of 20 windows the cost to employ a window cleaner on a regular basis would be prohibitive.

    Fortunately the PO had recently replaced the thatch which should last a good few years. If we decide to stay here we will need to keep an eye on this and the ridge will need redoing at some point.

    We have no guttering on the main house, but the two more recently extended *wings* have gutters that we clean ourselves.

    The wood burner is ancient/in need of attention and the chimneys require sweeping annually - not sure of cost but minimal.

    I'd like to employ a gardener - purely to mow the lawn as it takes me several hours - but this seems like an extravagance all the while I'm able to do it (and at 47 I imagine I should be able for some time yet, lol!).

    Otherwise for us it's just stuff like boiler servicing and the occasional emptying of the septic a few hundred £££.

    To sum up, I really don't have a clue - just wish we'd stay somewhere long enough (or stop buying projects!) to only require maintenance :D
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  • Niv
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    I own a house built in 1846 and have lived there for ~9 years. NO WAY does it cost 1% of house value to maintain. Since I have lived in the house:

    New roof - £1200

    New garden Wall - £800

    Some rendering that the previous owner didn’t do - £100

    Refurbished the bathroom - £400 (not essential – was for personal preference)

    Replaced the central heating pump - £30

    Paint and lining paper - ~£300

    Total works out at £314 per year I will even round this upto £400 per year and this still only makes it about 0.3% of house value per year.

    People also need to understand what maintenance is and what is decorating for personal taste. Painting every room every year (which I know some people do do) is NOT maintenance, it is decorating for personal taste (unless they are animals!). An easier way to look at it may be, if the work would have to be done if the house were being let out then it is maintenance, if it is done because you want to then it is personal taste.

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  • SailorSam
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    Two people living next door to each other in exactly the same houses could spend thousands different from each other, it all depends upon how much you're prepared to do yourself. I'll have a go at almost anything, if i don't know how to do a job i'll read up until i do know. I've got a mate who wouldn't even change a light bulb himself.
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