Foodbank thread - please link to any suitable bargains for bulk purchases

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    Just to let you know the Lindt equivalent easter bunnies are now down to 69p in Aldi. Taste great and I bought several for foodbank when I shopped yesterday as I know how apprecated these easter treats are for those who can't afford to give easter chocolate to their kids.

    And bluep-if that's the way you work shopping wise, that's great. I already buy the 8 cheap tins of beans instead of the 4 tins of heinz, so I know my purchases are very good value. If you save up £50 to do a foodbank shop, can I suggest you wait until the Aldi £5 off a £40 spend vouchers come along in the newspapers (there was one on Wednesday in the Sun and the Mirror normally have one at the end of the month). Pick up as many papers for how much you are going to spend. Maybe if you're going to do 2 foodbank shops over the month, then do both using the vouchers as they only have an expiry date of a week from publication.

    It's how I work it for my family food shop. Saves a fortune.
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    I think sanitary towels/ tampons should be added. I for one would hate to have no money and have the time of the month to deal with. I will usually put a pack in the food bank box at the tills each week.
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    richardw wrote: »

    That is the website i was looking for a few weeks back but cold not remember it! so thanks :)
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    Thanks every one who donates to foodbanks. Could I put in a plea to remember people with restricted diets for whatever reason.

    Recently a friend's benefits changed when her daughter with MH issues became 18, I can't remember the ins and outs of it but she had £53 a week for food, bills, transport etc for the two of them. She is vegan and coeliac and although the food bank people were lovely there wasn't a lot there for her.

    So now, I always make a point of putting in some non dairy milk and some GF pasta or biscuits or something.

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    Our local Poundsavers has 1100 Typhoo tea bags for £9.99. They are one cup ones, so are stronger than most.
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    Keep an eye out for Lidl half-price weekend offers.
    A good one when it comes along is the UHT milk. The cheap chocolate also (between 17p an 22p per 100g bar).
    The milk offer must be due soon as it's been absent for a while.

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    At my work place we have a man that delivers bulk lots of cakes/biscuits to us each week in return for us recycling off cuts of wood to him.

    I just deliver them straight to a food bank. I don't want them (the temptation to roll around in empty wrappers is too much!) and I'd like the thought of them going to a family where this would probably be of a luxury or a rare treat! I always hope it reaches them.
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    Lynsey wrote: »
    A good one when it comes along is the UHT milk. ).......
    The milk offer must be due soon as it's been absent for a while.

    Not half-price, but 12 litres of UHT semi-skimmed for £6 - so 50p per litre. From NEXT Thursday in Lidl.

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    If you've found any freebies but thought "I don't need that" could you consider ordering it anyway and donating it to a foodbank?

    Many on our Freebies board already do that with cat food!
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