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Economy Energy warned over poor customer service

in Energy
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"Gas and electricity provider Economy Energy has been told it must clean up its act or risk having its licence taken away"
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Economy Energy warned over poor customer service


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  • Switched to npower in October 2013. Have posted on here before about them. However bad this new company are, they have a long way to go to beat npower. I have finally become aware of just how long npower have had "problems" with their computer system, since July 2011!!! Since switching I have never had my gas meter read, or acknowledged by the meter readers. Npower staff have lied to me on more than 1 occasion. I have gone through the complaints phase, executive complaints & have now contacted the ombudsman. I sent 94 pages of evidence to them to show just how incompetent npower are. I have now applied to switch away from npower, but will have to see if this pans out. I'm not holding my breathe! They fobbed me off with blatant lies, that my account would be updated, gave me reference numbers that were made up & are basically inept to the point of useless. I'm lucky in the fact that I know how to work out my accounts(unlike npower), there are thousands, maybe more, who are blissfully unaware of the situation they are in. According to npower I am just over £2 in debit as of today. I have paid £140 for gas & electric since 23 November 2013, equal to £28 per month. It should have been £68 per month from the start and we are in the winter quarter. The last bill I got said it was for energy used upto the 15th February 2014, which it was for electric. However, on closer scrutiny the gas was up to 30 December!! Idiots is being polite. npower have thus far duped thousands into a system that doesn't work, and they have known that for almost 3 years. I received an email last week, which said npower's website would be closed(sadly not closed down along with the company), as would customer service, for last weekend, so they could transfer people to their new system. Oh my god! My question is, why aren't ofgem punishing npower and bringing them to account. They already fined them & npower paid £1 million to the most vulnerable. It's not enough! They are conning thousands to switch to them, in the full knowledge they cannot provide the service they claim. At no point have npower fulfilled their contract with me, how would that work the other round?!! Rant over.:mad:
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