April 2014 - Make £10 a day challenge. Everyone welcome!

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Hello and welcome to all newbies and regulars. This is my first month running the challenge, welcome along for the journey!

This is the 80th month of this challenge, which was first started by Batgirl, in September 2007. Thanks to Batgirl for starting it, Nat21luv, Monkeynut, Sweetpeas, Purpleroses, JesaRose, MizMir and of course special thanks to Aesop for keeping the thread going.

I know this first post is long, but please read as it give tips on how this challenge works. Some of the content has changed

If you're new to the challenge don't be scared - here's how it works:

The aim of this challenge is to make £10 extra a day everyday for the month. A lot of people think this is impossible but it can and has been done, over and over. If you feel £10 is too much why not start at £5 or if you're brave join those who aim for £20 a day! Anything extra you make is great so set whatever target you think you can manage.
It also doesn't have to be £10 each and every day - some days you make more and some days you make less, but aim for £300 extra at the end of the month.

The idea is that everyone posts how they are making extra money and these shared ideas help all of us to learn new ways to help cut debt or earn/save money.

What cannot be added:
Wages from your main job

What can be added:
Income from a second job
Daily clicks
Mystery shopping
And much, much more.

This board moves pretty quickly, so be sure to subscribe and read it regularly. Below are some ideas to get you started and a great place to read when you're in need of inspiration.

Sell your old books/DVDs/CDs/games:
Amazon marketplace
Amazon Trade in
Fat Brain

Sell old mobiles, laptops and other electronics:
Mobile valuer - http://mobilevaluer.com/
Cash converters
Broken GHDs - http://www.ghdspares.com/

Sell everything else:
Car boot sales
Jumble sales
Facebook selling
Folksy and Etsy for crafty bits you've made
Cash4clothes - http://www.cash4clothes.co.uk/
ASOS marketplace (decent quality/branded clothing) - https://marketplace.asos.com/help/selling
Old ink cartridges http://www.therecyclingfactory.com/sell-ink-cartridges
Foreign coins - http://www.cash4coins.co.uk/

Get cashback on your usual purchases:
Fat Cheese
Boots Treat Street - http://www.treatstreet.boots.com/ref/pghome_nu

Get paid for writing:

Smart phone apps:
Field Agent
Quidco click snap

Valued Opinions
Pinecone - sign up link https://www.pineconeresearch.co.uk/Signup/Signup_Form.aspx

Other bits:
Shop and Scan and Consumer Pulse panel - http://www.volunteer4panels.com/
Topcashback Snap and Save http://www.shopscansave.co.uk/

Trying to find other ways to make money? Check out the Boost Your Income board. It is full of ideas, including survey companies and product testing.

Want to help someone else out? Sign up through their referral on the referral board, and leave yours, so someone else can do the same for you.

Keep reading for lots more ideas on how to make more money each month.

This month's challenge is to try and make £300.

Good luck everybody. Remember to post any questions or comments that you have, and let's go on encouraging each other throughout this month. We can and we will do it. Who's in?
I like to make money
Best wins: £3,000 luxury holiday, holiday in Cornwall, £250 Murad Skincare hamper, angle grinder

:j Make £10 a day challenger - it pays for trips to Florida! :j


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    1. Emmaglet £10 a day/£300

    2. Aesop £5 a day/£150

    3. helenbc £10 a day/£300

    4. schamness £5 a day/£150

    5. Bluecow1975 £5 a day/£150

    6. Rosie £10 a day/£300

    7. kirstydriver £160 in April

    8. please-let-me-be-lucky £10 a day/£300

    9. Listerbelle $10 a day/$300

    10. Specialbrew £5 a day/£150

    11. mavvymoo £10 a day/£300

    12. mummymoney92 £10 a day/£300

    13. MrsCautious £5 a day/£150

    14. SJG123 £5 a day/£150

    15. lynnejk £10 a day/£300

    16. clingingtothewreckage £15 a day/£450

    17. starnac £250 in April

    18. SarahB1989 £3 a day/£90

    19. Emzilla £10 a day/£300

    20. smartcat04 £5 a day/£150

    21. Natterjack88 £20 a day/£600

    22. candy71 £10 a day/£300

    23. Thrifty Fashionista £5 a day/£150

    24. Anouchka £10 a day/£300

    25. savingkatie £10 a day/£300

    26. MinnieMousesMummy £1,000 in April

    27. lubava £5 a day/£150

    28. hopless £5 a day/£150

    29. supersaver1000 £1 a day/£30

    30. franby64 £2.50 a day/£75

    31. kindofagilr £5 a day/£150

    32. tattycath £10 a day/£300

    33. dorajar £10 a day/£300

    34. xshootingstarsx £5 a day/£150

    35. Faete £5 a day/£150

    36. definitivefreak £2 a day/£60

    37. hummingbird £15 a day/£450

    38. gilly41 £5 a day/£150

    39. fairyclicks £500 in April

    40. Caramel147 £5 a day/£150

    41. Scarlet1982 £10 a day/£300

    42. Pixiepops £10 a day/£300

    43. GaLa15 £250 in April

    44. LittleMonkeys £10 a day/£300 (guessed it was this much)

    45. sallymander £5 a day/£150

    46. wishies_x £5 a day/£80

    47. Jevvers £150 in April

    48. elfy1807 £10 a day/£300

    49. KrazyKel £5 a day/£150

    50. cabriolean £3 a day from 19 April
    I like to make money
    Best wins: £3,000 luxury holiday, holiday in Cornwall, £250 Murad Skincare hamper, angle grinder

    :j Make £10 a day challenger - it pays for trips to Florida! :j
  • emmagletemmaglet Forumite
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    Abbreviations - a list of useful abbreviations if there are any we say you don't understand, please let us know and I will update this post.

    How to add a signature - at the top of the page, you will see a green toolbar, click on User CP, on the left hand side, scroll down, until you see Edit Signature. You can then type in your signature, but you are limited by number of lines and characters, but it will tell you if it is too long. Try to make the font smaller usually helps. You can edit colours and add smileys too.

    Edit Avatar - if you want a nice picture like mine do the same as above, USER CP, then scroll down to edit Avatar. There are size restrictions, but you can have most things you like. Just be careful if you are using google images they are free images and not patented/copyrighted.

    Private Message - you can send someone a PM (Private message) again using User CP (Control Panel). It is on the left hand side. You need to have the right user name otherwise it will go to the wrong person. To find out if you have messages, look at the top of the page, where it says private messages, (PMs) and there will be a number in bold if you have any unread. You can subscribe to email so you receive them in your email too, which is useful for reading without logging into MSE. But to reply you do need to log in.

    Roadkill - roadkill is money found abandoned with no owner, on the streets, in washing machines, in the pockets of beloved's clothes when you are about to put them into the washing machine, , on the floor of your car, etc.

    How to make money from your smartphone


    http://www.textbroker.co.uk/ - textbroker
    https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/appt...469489347?mt=8 - apptrailers
    http://uk.qustodian.com/ - qustodian
    http://www.fieldagent.co.uk/ - fieldagent
    http://www.wikets.com/ - wikets
    http://www.jokeroo.com/ - jokeroo
    http://www.quidco.com/app/ - quidco
    https://www.ipoll.com/ - iPoll

    Android Phone
    http://uk.qustodian.com/ - qustodian
    https://www.ipoll.com/ - iPoll
    http://www.wikets.com/ - wikets
    http://www.jokeroo.com/ - jokeroo
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...trailers&hl=en - apptrailers
    I like to make money
    Best wins: £3,000 luxury holiday, holiday in Cornwall, £250 Murad Skincare hamper, angle grinder

    :j Make £10 a day challenger - it pays for trips to Florida! :j
  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    Thanks Emma :)

    put me down for £5 please.
    Make upto £10 a day - September 2020 £106.56

    Make upto £10 a day - best thread ever. :A

    Back to make money in the new Covid19 2020 as we are going to need it!
  • helenbchelenbc Forumite
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    Eighth Anniversary

    Count me in please for £10 a day :)
  • Sign me up. I would like to try and earn an extra £5 a day during April.
    Current Debt : (LBM) March 2014 = £41,000

    Taking part in April £10 a day challenge:£48.16/£150
  • BlueCow1975BlueCow1975 Forumite
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    Could you sign me up for £5 again please Emma. Need to try and keep the ££ rolling in!

  • RosieRosie Forumite
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    Thanks Emma for running the thread. Please can you put me down for £10 a day.
    Good luck everyone Rosie x
    Jan £10 a day £326.75/£310
  • Hi Emma, thanks for running the thread, can you please put me down for £160 for the month please? Thanks :)
  • please-let-me-be-luckyplease-let-me-be-lucky Forumite
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    Tenth Anniversary 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    Thanks for the new thread Emma. Can I go for £10 a day again please Xx
    Debts @ LBM £23,729.31. Debts @ 08/04/2016 £0 :j
    Best win so far - holiday to Florida
  • ListerbelleListerbelle Forumite
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    Eighth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Thanks for the new thread - I really appreciate it!!!

    Please put me down for $10 a day.

    Many thanks
    Summer fun: continuing my Buy Nothing, Kondo-ing quest as we hurtle towards multi-generational financial freedom.
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