Appalling service - what is the right way to complain?

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I bought a spa day for my mum for her birthday and I went along too. We had such a terrible time for many reasons, (wrong treatments/very noisy treatment rooms / couldn't use the pool facilities / food that should of been free we had to pay for) ended up leaving early, not having all the treatments but still paid in full.

What is the right way to go about complaining?
Should I have complained on the day/not paid in full?

I have never made a complaint before but the service was so bad & I felt embarrassed that id taken my mum to such a place and feel very cheated that I paid full price for such terrible service.


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    Write to the establishment, preferably the manager. Perhaps even phone them up first saying you wish to complain and ask for the name of the person to complain to. Better to have expressed your dissatisfaction at the time, but still not too late to write now.
    Include the comment that you were embarrassed by the fact you had arranged a special day out for your Mum and she clearly did not enjoy it as she and you expected. If there are details of the experience in brochures, on the website or in your order that clearly did not occur, then highlight that.
    You don't have to put it in the letter, but also think what you would like if they offered some sort of "goodwill" gesture. Would you go again if a special discount or voucher was offered or are you after a refund (at least in part) of the cost? If they offer you anything, the former is more likely. Don't expect anything more than a polite apology in response though, as that is probably the most likely outcome.
    Keep a copy of the letter and get a proof of posting from the post office when you send it. Not as useful as sending something recorded delivery, but it's free and at least gives you a record of when it was sent.

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    Agree with the above but - what made you choose that Spa? If, for example, it had been recommended to you you could mention that, too and emphasise how disappointed you were that the day was not the luxurious, relaxing day you had anticipated it being.

    Do they have a Trip Advisor page?
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  • Thanks for the replies - I wouldn't want to go back even if they offered me anything, it really was that bad! I hope they either stop offering spa days as they are not equipped/able to manage them yet... or they make some vast improvements to avoid other people wasting their money.

    I only went there as they've just started doing spa days and we don't have many locally so I thought it would be worth giving it a try rather than travelling to one further away.
  • I think you have to tell them about your experience. The only way they can improve is by listening to consumer feedback. Good luck
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