Picanova free canvas - GLITCH NOW FIXED

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Official MoneySavingExpert insert, 4.20pm Wed 12 Mar: Picanova experienced technical problems with this code this morning, which meant some were able to get a canvas completely free, instead of paying £15 (see the £63 canvas for £15 deal).

This was an error and while Picanova has confirmed you WON'T be charged, your order will be cancelled. Picanova plans to send emails to all those affected within the next hour.

Just been told that if you order a canvas on Picanova.co.uk and enter 'saveoncanvas' at the checkout, it is completely 100% free! Even the delivery charge is taken off and you don't have to give any payment details. I was told there is only 10,000 they are giving away free but can't find any information about this online anywhere. It does work though!


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    Thanks OP, I can confirm that I have just successfully ordered a 20x30 canvas, worth £35.39 for free, plus free postage, with no need to put in any card details.

    Top find - thank you :)
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    Just done it - thank you! Excellent deal.....

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    Wow amazing deal OP. :j

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thought it seemed too good to be true.

    Not surprised they wont honour this glitch
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    Thanks for this. Ordered one for me and one for my mum.
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    Says my file type is invalid, it's a 3.89mb jpg ??? Anyone else have probs?

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  • Oops sorry I didn't know I couldn't post codes there! Thanks for moving it to the right place.
  • took ages to finally get website to load. now says Coupon code "SAVEONCANVAS" is not valid at checkout??
    **Waiting for a BIG win!**

    Thank you all posters!

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    Yep, me neither. Tried both lower case and upper case. It looks like it's a new company as well. Bit worrying though that they advertise a promotion and are unable to uphold it. Oh well! :D
  • took ages to finally get website to load. now says Coupon code "SAVEONCANVAS" is not valid at checkout??

    Same here! Gutted,
    mummy to 3 monsters!
    trying to money save, but spot too many bargains on here!!
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