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New York - Washington DC

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neral1neral1 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Overseas Holidays & Travel Planning
I am visiting New York with family end of July and would like to visit Washington DC for as a day trip. Any suggestions ? Any names of good and cheap tour operators?.


  • I travelled around the states after my wedding and on a train journey to Orlando from Chicago we stopped at Washington DC and had 6 hours there.

    It is a lovely place. On leaving the train station there are loads of organised 2 hour sight-seeing excursions costing around $25-$30. We walked to the Capitol building, then headed for the WhiteHouse, saw a man get arrested forfiling the chains and fencing around the White House with his camcorder..what a doofus! From there we headed to the Vietnam Memorial which was really moving. Next to this is the Washington Monument, which is nice to look at, but thats about it!! Also the Lincoln Memorial, lots of steps but very interesting.

    I found DC a really good day out, not sure if it would be worth a holiday there, but great for a day. There's tonnes of museums that we just didn't have time for. Hope you have a great time :)

    Edit: If you can, get the train from New York Penn Station to DC. It can be quite pricy but great scenery on route. Try for ticket prices.
  • dzugdzug Forumite
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    General advice on US travel boards is that it's too far for a day trip.

    Still perfectly possible though if you really want to do it.
  • we did a segway tour in DC it was great fun :)

    and one of the worlds best theme parks is on the way from nyc to dc and theres a rodeo on the way too

    Heres me video I did
  • unsureunsure Forumite
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    I lived in DC for about a year. It's a great city and very easy to get about with the Metro underground system, though in truth many of the best sites are actuallyall within walking distance. If you start at the White House you can go down to the Mall which is a lovely, lively grassed area leading from Lincoln Memorial all the way to Capitol Hill. Along the way there are some fantastic free museums and art galleries including the Air and Space Museum and, my personal favourtite, the Modern Wing of the National Gallery.
    The funkier end of town for shopping eating etc is Georgetown which is fun for mooching about (but it's not on the metro so a bit of a walk or bus/taxi ride) I haven't heard that it's changed.
    If you fancya vist to the zoo (ver good with pandas etc) just jump on the Metro and get off a tthe Zoo stop.
    When I lived there the taxi system was cheap and an adventure in itself!
    DC isn unbearbly hot and muggy in August (when Govt and President head out of town) andf it might be pretty streamy even in July. A bus tour and a stroll down the mall would make sense.
    I used to get the train between DC and NY regurlalry, just as quick as plane becuase theres' no messing about with airports and DC's rather opulent station is right by Capitol Hill. No idea of train fares now but worth considering. I'm sure you'll have a fun time. If you arrive by train reverse the itinerary, do Capitol Hill and then stroll down The Mall towards Lincoln Memorial/White House.
    I think DC is a very under-rated city which suffers in the comparison with NY but it really has plenty to offer visitors including a more relaxing time!!!
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  • kiki21kiki21 Forumite
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    My brother lives in DC and I’ve have spent a couple of long weekends there.
    I’m not sure how much you can see in one day, suppose it depends on what you like.

    As mentioned there is the White House, Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial (in front of the famous reflecting pool), and other presidential memorials.
    You can go to the top of the Washington memorial but you have to be there early for tickets.
    I thought the bus tour was well worth it, which took you around all the sights, including the Arlington Cemetery, which had great views over DC. You could get off the bus when you wanted and catch the next one.
    There is also a night tour which is suppose to be quite good and a ‘duck bus’ tour which enters the river ( haven’t done these two though)

    There are the Smithsonian Museums. I enjoyed the Space Museum and the American History Museum which included The Star Spangled Banner, Dorothy’s red shoes and Fonzy’s leather jacket!!

    I have no knowledge of operators who go from New York to DC but if you are flying, it is best to go to the airport in central DC (can’t remember the name) as Dulles Airport is further out, about as far as Heathrow is from central London.

    There is probably loads more that I have missed out (brain’s getting old)

    Hope this helps
  • unsureunsure Forumite
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    In my time there the airport in DC was called National I believe it's now called Ronald Reagan. It connects directly with the metro for an eays trip into town. As OP said Dulles is much further out.
    If you haven't alreayd booked you might be able to get DC as a stopover on your transatlantic flight without incurring much/any cost.
    Just because somebody is certain doesn't mean they are right!
  • where2savewhere2save Forumite
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    I know you didn't ask this but I personally wouldn't do DC as a day-trip from New York. DC is a big city with lots and lots to do.

    Closer to NYC, I would consider Philadelphia as a day-trip if you are set on getting out of NYC for a day.
  • neral1neral1 Forumite
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    Thanks for info.
  • neral1neral1 Forumite
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    Thanks guys !
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