I was moving house towards the end of 2013 and decided to cancel my Sky TV, telephone & broadband as the TV was too expensive and I wanted a clean break. When I had moved I ended up starting a new telephone/broadband account with Sky. Some 4-5 weeks after my TV package had ended I had a call from Sky offering me 75% off for 12 months. I asked him to call me back later that week after I had spoke to my wife. He rung me back later that week and I accepted.
For about 6 weeks I have been going round in circles with Sky as they say I am not eligible for that deal as it is for people who do not have any other Sky services (remember I started a new telephone & broadband account) and they will only give me 50% off for 6 months. As far as I am concerned I signed up to 75% off for 12 months and this is sky's mistake not mine. Surely they cannot change my contract cause they realised they have made a mistake?
Has anyone any advice please????
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