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1st timer here.
Using Martin's advice I opened the high interest TSB account last October - BE WARY OF THIS ACCOUNT. This has a rather complicated system by which you need a TSB current account into which you pay a regular amount which is then taken by a further savings account. By mistake i made a withdrawl which took me overdrawn. I have no overdraft facility on the current account as it is only for the purposes of saving - however i had a small wage paid in, my mistake, and did not realise it would have insufficeient funds. as soon as i realised i made up the shortfall. However - despite my immediate replacement of funds the TSB have charged me £62.01. This make this 'savings' account rather expensive.
1) be advised - if you do open this account keep a close eye on it and do not use the current account at all - unless you are very shrewed (more than me!)
2) has anyone any idea how i can get my £62 back? when the manager refused to waive the charges i shut the account.


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    Sorry - you MUST follow the T&C's of each account.

    AFAIK, you will be unable to recover the money.
    In case you hadn't already worked it out - the entire global financial system is predicated on the assumption that you're an idiot:cool:
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    I suppose all the accounts will be the same....
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    Write them a nice we letter explaining the situation & what you tried to do to make amends saying you have never gone overdrawn before. They may just waive the charge & warn you , you will be charged if you go overdrawn again. You never know it may work,it did for me but I had been a customer for yonks.
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    1) If you were using the LloydsTSB account as a feeder account only then why did you make a withdrawal on it?

    2) As you have now shut the account did that include the regular saver? If not, dont forget to set up a standing order from your main current account to keep feeding it.
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    thanks - i thought as much
  • 1) you have to use the current as a feeder. I (foolishly) also added a small wage (eg £100) and thought I'd just withdraw it as and when. Seeing this in there i took it out not realising the next depostit was due. As soon as i realised I paid it up in full.
    2) shut both as i did not actually want their current a/c and the savings a/c was now costing me more to keep it (£62) than i earnt in interest.

    you live and learn and those lessons cost eh?
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