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my cucumbers are growing outside and have some tiny cucumbers buding however the leaves have brown patches on them, they are very well watered by the rain and have been fed weekly, it is only the plants with buds on that has tis problem. Any advice please.


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    Probably too wet; cucumbers love water but do a bit doo-lally if too wet - i lost my first few as the roots rotted away within a few days of being outside.

    I personally would lop the affected leaf/s off, when you feed them do it sparingly if it is still raining [i have left off feeding my outside plants for a couple of weeks until it dries out enough to make a difference, will do some today i think as it is alot drier than it has been].

    When you do feed them, feed the roots and try not to let any get on the leaves. Also, sometimes it is because they are overcrowded, and thus not getting enough air. If so, i would lop a few of the older leaves off to allow air in and around them. Without seeing them in the flesh, it is difficult to say.

    Oh, and keep fingers crossed for some warm sunny days.
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