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Humax HDR1000S too old?


I have been looking into what Freesat box to get to replace Sky and narrowed down to the all singing Humax HDR1000S-1TB.

Then when I looked on various sites and looked at the reviewed, I noticed some reviews were dated late 2012. Is the Humax HDR1000S-1TB that old?

My point is does anyone know if Humax plan to bring out a newer version, as then I might as well wait as the newer version will surely have more functions.



  • Nope, it's fine. It's got Freetime, which is the Freesat equivalent of Youview - it's a FreesatHD recorder, and has clever integrated catch up - you can go backwards on the programme guide to see programmes you have missed, and just select them to watch them on demand (iPlayer etc) if that channel has put it on. Of course there will always be newer versions, but the platform has stabalised so you'll be fine.
  • Thanks.

    But can someone answer has the Humax HDR1000 with free time been available to purchase for around 18 months?
  • November 2012 maybe? That would make it around 18 months. It won't suddenly become useless, and if you're worried about it being old, there are already newer models - the 1010 - dunno what it adds though.
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