Bloating & swelling.. remedies required.

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Thanks. I've already started to strip down my diet and have just cut out cows milk.

Have been taking those yogurt drinks, but I may give the tablets a try instead.

Good tip about when to take probiotics, didn't realize.


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    I find carbs are always a nightmare for me bloating wise... white pasta being the worst culprite. I only eat brown or wholewheat varieties of bread, pasta & rice now and it is improved. Alochol and caffeine trigger off other annoying digestive problems for me... but it is a bit harder to avoid those somehow. :)

    Oh I just thought of another thing... if you eat fruit after a meal it can create alot of gas in your system (plus you dont necessarily get all the benefits as they can be destroyed by the enzymes digesting the meal). Best thing is to eat it 15 minutes before a main meal.

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    I don't do alcohol or caffine.

    Tried cutting out pasta but nothing changed.

    Sometimes I can look pregnant, it's horrible. Never suffered with it before till this last yr or so. Has gotten worse since I gave up smoking. Have really gained weight.

    I'm now on a diet and going to the local gym 4 times a week. Just wanted help with the bloatedness too.
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    Drink LOADS of water.

    I kid you not.

    OK you will wee more but your body will not feel the need to retain fluid.

    It does work.
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    drink peppermint tea. cut out all fizzy drinks and alcohol.
    my fiance always get bad tum from eating too much bread - i suggest you keep a food diary to see exactly what you eat and when bloating is bad/ok etc. to get some correlation.

    have you been to GP about food intolerance testing?
    are you sitting comfortably?, then I'll begin.....
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    I had really bad tummys. I would sit there and I would have to undo my zip to feel better. I would be in so much discomfort. By accident I didn't have white bread for a few days and hey presto, I had no trouble with my stomach at all. Now I only eat wholemeal bread and never had trouble since. For the first time I have a flat tummy.
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    Have you been to your docs? Could be IBS.I have it, and gave in with all the herbal alternatives, food cutting out etc and took prescription tablets and they have really helped.
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    Wheat in any form is my culpret. You're better getting the Acidophilus tablets from a health shop as I've heard the stuff in the yogurts isn't great quality.
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    Haven't been to the doctors yet. I prefer to try and sort issues out myself first as it's difficult to get an appointment at my doctors.

    I hope I don't have a wheat intolerance as I eat Quorn (as I'm a veggie) and it contains wheat.

    I've never had a flat tummy as much I'd like one, but I do feel that my problem is bloating cause the weight is around my tummy area. At times I can look heavily pregnant.

    I will certainly try and drink more water. I do drink a lot but still doubtful if it's enuff.
  • Well am feeling good as my initial want was to get some tips on saving money but I did not expect to get a health section in here. Anyways problems such as bloating and swelling as others have said are solely due to the malpractices that we do to ourselves, the imbalanced lifestyle has a lot to be blamed for this. But I believe this can get healed naturally and there is no requirement to pursue on medications for the same. Why do we forget our bodies are not designated for medicines instead its for making it fit the natural way!
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    I suffer with IBS and get terrible bloating. I often find i get intollerent to various things and if I cut them out and then re-introduce them slowly it helps. I like to prepare my own food but occasionally if I eat something tinned/packet the wind is dreadful:eek: ....I put this down to the dried onion they use....really embarrasing :o
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