Your favourite 'Chuck it all in' recipe.

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Hi All :)

I am just wondering what your favourite 'Chuck it all in' recipe is?
You know, the one recipe that you can use whatever is lurking in the bottom of the fridge/cupboard/freezer to make?

Mine is risotto. I use whatever meat and veggies I have, add whatever spices/herbs I have, add stock and hey presto!

Tonight is Chorizo, Leek and mushroom risotto :) May sound 'odd' but tastes lovely! Other times it's been chicken, pea and peppers, or pork, runner beans and mushrooms.


  • Ladyluck1
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    Soup! Bottom of the fridge soup always turns out lovely :)
    Just add some of my HM frozen chicken stock and lentils sometimes.
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  • boultdj
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    Stew or stir fry.
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  • Soworried
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    I usually like turning it in to a pie or a pasty depending what is in there.
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  • trolleyrun
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    To be honest, most of my meals are "chuck it all in and see what happens" :D
  • McpPsl
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    Mine is Soup.

    Usually made on a Friday, however, this week I made it yesterday.

    Ingredients this week were:

    Butternut Squash
    Tin Tomatoes
    Yellow peppers
    Red split Lentils
    2 cloves garlic
    2 Stock cubes

    That lot made 3.3 kg of soup with each portion coming in at only 150 kcals.

    best wishes.
  • sooty&sweep
    sooty&sweep Forumite Posts: 1,316 Forumite
    Soup using chicken carcasses to make stock + veg + pearl barley + lentils + yellow split peas

    Egg fried rice - cold rice, leftover chicken, pork etc + veggies

    Veg curry -selection of veg, can tomatoes, curry powder, coconut milk = yummy !

    My son will complain about veg alongside a meal but will eat veg in things.

  • Hard_Up_Hester
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    Minestrone soup, all the veg from the bottom of the fridge, half a tin of baked beans also lurking in the fridge, a few scraps of ham or bacon, a good squirt of tomato puree, a handful of pasta & some mixed herbs.
    Serve with a sprinkle of grated cheese & some bread if needed.
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  • TravellingAbuela
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    A "Waste-not-Want-not" soup that includes stock, red lentils, an onion, any veg left in the fridge and any odd bits of left over bacon/gammon previously shoved in the freezer. Blitz when ready.
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  • Dozey_crow
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    Mine is usually a vegetable pasta sauce which I then freeze for CBA moments. Everything goes in veg wise (onion, leek, sweet corn, celery, peppers, mushrooms etc). Start by sauteing onion with some garlic in a little oil with some dry Italian herbs, add finely chopped veg, a tin or two of chopped tomato, pinch of chili s and voila.. Portion and freeze.

    I also make soup sometimes too.
  • ~Chameleon~
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    WantToBeSE wrote: »

    Tonight is Chorizo, Leek and mushroom risotto :) May sound 'odd' but tastes lovely!

    I just happen to have chorizo, leek and mushrooms in the fridge so might give this a try later! :)
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