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    Good Morning everyone,and another wet one as well.My gardener was supposed to come this morning but we sensibly cancelled as there is no point him sloshing around in the swamp that is my garden at the moment.
    I have a day off today from the boys as DD is off so I am going to have a pottering around day (basically doing as little as possible and what I will do I'll enjoy :):):))
    No shopping to get and I have found some salmon fillet in the freezer for tonight's dinner.This I'll have with brocolli and salad potatos,nice and healthy and hopefully slimming :):):)
    I may make a lemon drizzle cake for DD as I have 5 lemons that could do with using up, and if I bake I'll also make the DGS a batch of choc chip cookies as they went down a treat last week
    I hope everyone has a good day and I'm so pleased that January is almost over,it seems to have gone on forever
    Cheers chums
    JackieO xxx
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    morning morning.

    Dog has a poorly tummy, so morning was spent cleaning up the explosion...nice... He's now being staved. His own fault for eating out the bin.

    Didn't manage a run today, I was feeling VERY lazy.

    Not too much to report, will clean bathroom and wash more clothes tonight, dinner is vegan Bolognese and pasta. Then lots and lots of revision, so I can have a night off tomorrow! One more week and it will all be over.

    Hugs to all who want/need them. x
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    Quickie from me
    Not much time for anything at the mo.
    Still making my amendments to Noah's proposed amended statement, referencing and cross referencing SEN Education Law policies and his professionals reports... Hard blooming work:mad:
    I need to send it by Mon at latest then once they finalise it I need to put in my appeal and tribunal stuff and start that process.
    I can see me home educating at this rate:o
    I'm full of cold as is mrs milks and she has two teeth coming in so she's needing snuggles. Just giving her calpol and a bottle and I'm hoping she will nap:cool:

    Tea tonight spaghetti and meatballs with tomato butter sauce.

    JG how do you do your mini omelettes and toad in hole? I think Asher would love them

    Hugs to all in need
    Thinking of Snoozer x
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    Horrid here again wet, cold and grey :(

    Had physio this morning and she asked why I haven't seen a spine specialist yet, had neck traction and manipulation which made my hands go numb, she says that there is not much more that she can do really and that my spinal cord is very swollen which she wasn't happy about. She is writing to my hand consultant and GP to ask for me to be referred to one of the spinal specialists. I won't hold my breath, I am still waiting for my op and for an appointment with the eye specialist.
    NPM after dealing with the LEA when DS was diagnosed with Aspergers I know how infuriating it is.

    Snoozer (((Hugs)))

    Just going to grab some lunch

    Dinner tonight is toad in the hole

    BFN x
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    TTFTM what is it about small children and body orifices?:( Hope the bead makes it's reappearance without too much trauma.

    Gonzo hope pup's tum is soon sorted out; aren't bin-divers lovely?:eek:

    I'm using the time between dogs to do as much cleaning and tidying of the [STRIKE]midden[/STRIKE] bungalow as I can manage; Mr LW has said he'll do the high shelf in the corner of the lounge tonight, as I can barely reach it even using the step stool.:A

    Roll on Feb 14th, when my lovely friend Jessie will be here again.
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    It's annoying isn't it! He got his statement at diagnosis age 2 and a half as he needed it to access nursery and pre school. I was very lucky really as I know loads fighting for a first time statement in older children.
    It's just the whole " not enough places" with autism specific secondary schools that's causing the issue.
    The thing that annoys me, apart from the time I'm having to spend, is the cost.
    I have solicitor and lawyer friends but not education lawyers and not experienced in SEN law.
    I rang an SEN lawyer for an idea of cost ......£230 per hour plus vat:eek:

    Once appeal and tribunal kick in I will be using these guys

    It's still £40 an hour and will be at least 50 hours:(
    Plus approx £1000 per professional for independent reports such as ed psych, SALT OT etc:mad:
    We don't have that spare money so may have to go with begging bowl to bank of mum and dad....at 43 year old! But it still needs paying back....Grrrrr why should we have to fork out all that just for school he needs
    Rant over;)
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    Haven’t been here in a while, no particular reason, although I have been reading the OS Singlie thread and there is a lot to read!

    It seems to be swinging more towards singlies without kids, so not sure if another thread should be started for us singlies with kids.

    Not much OS going on in my day, but the OS resolutions still going good. On Monday I cooked Chicken Jambalaya for the girls, and although they both said it was a bit spicy, they are at least willing to at least taste new things. My mum seems to be continuing the new meals resolution. They had homemade meatloaf yesterday (but again, didn’t really like it), but both loved the baby corn she served with it. Who would have thought?!

    Dinner tonight is sausages, pasta and a nice sauce that we get in a packet!

    I’ve decided not to get myself all stressed about money as I have done in the past. I set myself strict budgets and could never stick to them, and then feel awful. I don’t spent much on myself or the girls, but have decided that if I want to do something, then just do it. As long as I am saving a little bit each month, that will do me. I’m putting enough on the mortgage without worrying about other things.

    So have booked tickets for us to go to the circus in the half term without even thinking about it. We will have a good time as going with my cousin and it will be something to look forward to.

    Another OS thing for me that I did yesterday was to go on my cross trainer. I paid a small fortune for it when my eldest was born and used it a lot in the year after she was born, but then it started gathering dust. It’s a sturdy old thing and has lots of readings of how many calories, distance etc., so I may as well use it.

    Another vote for January almost being over here!

    TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC – how old is your GDD? Eek, what a worry! Why do they do these things?

    BUTTERFLY BRAIN – tell me to mind me own if you want, but what happened that you have a swollen spinal cord? I broke my neck a few years ago, but luckily no damage was done to my spinal cord, thank my lucky stars every day for that (oh and the fact that my unborn bubba suffered no damage).
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    Hi everyone
    Well Mount Ironmore is no more ��. Only problem was where to put it once ironed, so the wardrobe ended up with a sort out. Charity shop on the list for tomorrow.
    Just recovering now, and doing my nails ready for the Chinese NY tonight.

    Hope GDD is ok TTFTM.
    BBrain. Think you need to do some chasing up, they cannot just leave you at risk of getting worse.
    LW what on earth are you doing climbing!!
    ((Hugs)), Spoons, Hi5's and Positive vibes all round. TKe care everyone. DG
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    donny-gal wrote: »
    LW what on earth are you doing climbing!!
    Don't worry, I'm not; Mr LW will do it this evening. But I do know from previous times I've tried to clean up there that I'm really not tall enough, even with the step stool.:o

    I've been having a grand time (not) scratting about under the china cabinets, evicting the dust bunnies that have taken up residence.
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    Bead update report ...

    Still there as A&E consultant says ear drum and canal is swollen and infected so he wants to use antibiotic drops to get that down before they start the procedure.

    GDD is 10 so she should be old enough to know better but she swears she did not do it. Only thing we can think of is that she says she was making cards/pictures with beads, sequins and glue at youth club. She may have put her finger in her ear, the way kids do, and possibly had a bead attached to her at the time, her finger came out and the bead stayed behind. Then it would have irritated her, she would have kept messing with her ear and pushed it further in.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes :)
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