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Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

Moving House Checklist

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  • Great Post,
    This has helped me out so bad! I had to take 20 minutes one day and make a list and couldn't think what write, so I ended up finding this post. I always worry about packing boxes, very particular in the way I pack them you see, so I ordered some boxes online from a company called Pack-King, along with a load of other packing materials. I got carried away a little, but oh well, got loads of left over bubble wrap. Always a bonus.
  • Great tips and I really appreciate the checklist. Some points inspired me when creating my own moving checklist. It is a bit different in structure, as it is time based, but this one helped as well.
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    id say get 3 quotes from local reputable firms and preparation is key to a stress free move. the more you or the removals company packs to moving is a no brainer. Also lots long established family run movers in your local area are old school do a damn good job at a great price too
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    Tell everyone you're moving, in addition to Royal Mail redirection . Here's a picking list to start with...

    Banks (High Street and Online)
    Book or Music Club Subscriptions
    Broadband Supplier
    Building Society
    Burglar Alarm Servicing or Monitoring
    Car Insurer, Car Clubs (AA, RAC etc)
    Charities - for catalogues, as well as registered donor/member
    Church/Religious Organisation
    Cleaners, Ironing Service, etc.
    Clubs !!!8211; Rotary, Community, Sports, WWF, RSPB, etc.
    Council (both old & new) - Council Tax Department
    Council !!!8211; cancel any Parking Permits
    Credit Card(s) Provider
    Dog Walking Service
    DSS (or whatever they're called these days)
    Electricity, Gas & other Utility Suppliers
    e-mail provider(s)
    Family & Friends
    Hire Purchase/Loan Companies
    Hospital, if you attend regularly
    Household Insurance Supplier !!!8211; Building and Contents
    Home Phone/Landline Supplier
    Inland Revenue, or HMRC
    Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    Investments (Funds, etc.) - Administrator/Registrar
    Life Assurance Supplier
    Loan or Credit Companies
    Magazine Subscriptions
    Medical insurance (BUPA or similar)
    Memberships - maybe included in Clubs above
    Milkman !!!8211; cancel deliveries
    Mobile Phone Supplier
    Newsagent !!!8211; cancel paper deliveries
    NS&I - Premium Bonds
    Online Retailers (Amazon, eBay, Paypal, Play, etc)
    Optician, Hairdresser, other Beauty/Health professionals
    Pawnbroker - if you plan to later re-purchase anything you've pawned
    Pension Providers
    Pet Sitters
    Royal Mail !!!8211; set up your re-direction service for 3/6/12 mths
    Satellite or Cable TV Supplier
    Servicing Contractors (Boiler, CH, other appliances)
    Schools & Nurseries, Childminders, Babysitters
    Shareholdings - Registrars (direct and online)
    Stores or Chains with discount or club cards
    Survey/Market Research websites
    TV Licencing Office
    Vet, Kennels, Cattery, Microchip Registrations
    Window Cleaner

    See also
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    Not sure if MSE editorial team read this, but if so - please consider adding notes on home safety (e.g. smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, CO2 alarms) in the article, as it's an easily forgotten item - especially for a first time buyer with a young family (i.e. me - who nearly forgot!).

  • Darren_ThomasDarren_Thomas Forumite
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    First Post

    Great post.  I am a director of a removals company in Stoke-on-Trent and my advice would be to speak to your removal company and see if they offer an hourly rate service as opposed to a day rate.  If you are all organised with regards to packing etc you could save a lot more money doing an hourly rate service instead of a day rate.  If you are feeling energetic you could also assist the removal men in loading/unloading which makes for a speedy move.

    With regards to removal boxes, I would stay away from purchasing boxes from eBay, etc.  They might be cheap but the boxes are very flimsy and do not withstand the move.  Your belongings could be damaged in the process.  Visit your local storage center as they have numerous boxes available.  Also, Argos do I great range of sturdy boxes and also provide removal packs.

    If you have any further questions please get in touch.


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    Great post.  I am a director of a removals company in Stoke-on-Trent 

    Hi Darren, 

    Just a heads up that it's against the rules to link to/promote your own business on MSE - if you remove the link, I think the rest of your post is helpful :) 
    That sounds like a classic case of premature extrapolation.

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