The Great 'Cheap Ways To Get In Shape For Summer' Hunt



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    If you have a fair amount of weight to lose (you are at least 1st over BMI of 25) the Cambridge Diet is a fantastic way to lose weight. It is a very low calorie diet, however it is 100% nutritionally complete. After the first few weeks you can expect to lose on average a stone a month. I lost 5 1/2 stone in just four months. Although it is not cheap before I started the diet I added up all that I spent on food, coffee, snack's etc & I was saving money.... I loved it so much I have since trained to be a counsellor (so delete the post if you have to!).

    Worth looking into if you have a lot of weight to lose & WW or excercise would take an excessive amout of time to get you to your target.

  • Li0nhead
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    Ive said it before but just to get you started:

    The most proven way to lose weight is not pills but to eat slightly less and do slightly more.

    I.e. Work in an office block? Walk don't get the lift or to start get off a floor early. Or walk to people to talk to them rather than phoning or e-mailing, over the course of a year i bet its miles covered.

    If using a bus, get off a stop early and walk.

    Throw out your plates (ok not money saving so sell or recycle) and buy slightly smaller ones (so your telling your mind when eating "i've had a full plate of food, so im full" when you have had less because its a smaller plate. Its playing mind tricks on your own mind.

    Fancy a day out with the family, take them for a walk or drive somewhere nice and have a walk round a nice lake/park.

    Try your local canalside for a decent walk. Its a day out for the family, cheap and its working on fitness.

    These are just some easy and fairly cheap ways that will lose weight.
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  • jannyannie
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    Dear jjjggg,
    Thanks for your tips on running and in particular the runners world article. I used to run years ago, never very fast, but enjoyed it. Have tried various ways of getting fit but working shifts (both of us) and having a child makes everything so complicated, joining a gym or even getting to a pool regularly is difficult. Went out at 6am this morning, bit of walking and running, feel really positive about it and will aim for three times a week. I feel better knowing that it is ok to walk!:j
  • AMH999
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    Don't know about other areas but Sunderland Council are doing Wellness Centres, which costs £29 per month. This includes use of the gyms, any exercise classes and any swimming pools in the region (£2 extra). I think this is a bargain as I hate going to gyms but the staff have been trained to recruit people like me and make it fun. I now go 3-4 times per week for 1.5 hours each time and I love it - been going about 3 months and could see the difference after about six weeks by only doing the minimum requirements.
    Good thing is you get your own key which keeps a record of how you've done - you've even got a mark on the Tour de France - got a long way to go personally!!! Each visit works out about £1.80 per time - bargain!
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  • marilyn
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    If you want to join the Ramblers Association you can pay for your membership with tesco vouchers - my partner and i have just renewed our annual membership - actual money paid was £1 each!!
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    and now a 2 pound saver as well!! :o
  • marilyn
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    If you want to joint the Ramblers Association you can use Tesco vouchers - 4 x the face value! My partner and I have just renewed our annual subscription and only had to pay £1 each in 'real' money!
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    a grandparent at last :j
    and now a 2 pound saver as well!! :o
  • smudger1946
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    Pound wrote: »
    My car insurance is up for renewal, the provider I'm with wants £750! I'm seriously thinking of not renewing it and spending a few hundred quid on a good bike.

    On top of the insurance, I'd save on petrol, road tax, parking, maintenance. At least a grand if I can hold out for a year.

    I sacked my insurance co. last year and then re-signed with them and my insurance was £155 cheaper, they are a big well known company too, i think they hail from Norwich. luk m8
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    The big problem with most fitness regimes is that while they work, they can be expensive and/or time-consuming and/or boring. So I like Crossfit:

    Every day they give post a new workout routine on the front page of the website (the Workout of the Day). Every 4th day is a Rest Day. Most of the workouts can be done at home with little more than a pair of running shoes and a set of weights. Most of them are intended to be finished in about 20 minutes.

    They're perfect for anyone who has led something other than an entirely sedentary life up till that point -- since starting them I'm way stronger, fitter, & slimmer than I was (started last September). There's no cost, and the variety helps keep me interested.

    For those who are completely out of shape to start with, they have a 12-week Beginners' Programme:

    This is at least as quick as the Workout of the Day (usually under 15 minutes) but is 5 days on / 2 days off. Again it'll get you working harder, and becoming fitter, than you ever have been in your life... in far less time, and at far less cost, than gym membership.

    All you really need is a barbell and some weights -- check out eBay for some good deals (the York Fitness Company has a factory outlet seller on eBay) or this site is very cheap:

    Alternatively Argos will do at a pinch.

    Though a lot of the Crossfit exercises involve weight training, there's no risk of becoming big & bulky (which I know a lot of women worry about, quite wrongly in most cases). The exercises are varied enough that you end up with more of a dancer's or rock climber's physique, not some kind of Arnold Scharzenegger style madness. :)
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    Kitty_jc wrote: »
    jjjggg wrote: »
    Take 5 minutes a day and try and do as many sit ups as you can in that time. keep your feet on the floor and your knees well bent. keep a record and try to improve your number each day, but don't kill yourself. Stop whenever you need to. Your waistline will shrink, your posture will improve and your back will get stronger.


    Please don't do this: you cannot target a specific area of your body like this. You also need to work all the surrounding muscles. By just doing sits ups, it is physically impossible for your waist to shrink as you are not working the muscles in your waist. Your back will actually be weakened as you are only exercising the muscles in the front of your body so they will most likely become tighter and shorter, and as your back muscles weaken, they will become pliable and longer and you could end up with a hunch in your back.

    A full set of abdominal exercises should consist of working the muscles in your stomach, the muscles on both sides of your waist and the muscles in your lower back.

    I completely agree with the second poster: I am a physiotherapist and doing sit-ups, especially incorrectly, can be awful for your back (I've actually made people 'better' by telling them to stop doing them!)
    Losing weight is basically a balance of calories in versus calories burned, it won't go any quicker doing sit-ups, and you won't get a thinner waist by doing sit-ups (only by getting rid of the fat on top of the muscles). Sorry!
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    I joined and found it a really good site because it makes you realise exactly what you are eating by telling you the calories and fat etc in all your food.

    I think it was about £7 a month.

    I've just cancelled my gym membership and have a pay-as-you-go card instead, because I am always at work and I was paying £30+ to go twice a month.

    My friend is a personal trainer so I go there once a week, do a class at my local dance school and try to running twice a week.

    Fresh fruit and veg is much cheaper and healthier than pre-packaged 'diet' meals.

    And I snack on nuts and seeds which are v cheap from the weighfood shop in the local market.
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