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Lloyd's Duo credit card with Avios rewards

:mad: I applied for the Duo cards under the 15000 points bonus on the AMEX card. As the qualifying dates & start date we're not clear I called Lloyd's. The guy told me that due to the multitude of start dates what they did was to calculate the AVERAGE spend over the first 3 months. In the first 3 months I spent around £2500 and each monthly statement was over £600. With these 2 facts I had clearly qualified for the bonus-however not in Lloyd's eyes. I was told that I hadn't qualified on 2 counts, firstly because I had to apply via the Avios website and not Lloyd's. Secondly I hadn't spent the minimum £500 pm. I explained to Lloyd's that it was them who sent me the promotion and it was them who offered it and it was completed on there website-no mention of Avios website. The guy told me that it couldn't have been Lloyd's website as they were not running this promotion at the time. (If this was the case then in there eyes I must have applied on the Avios website). When I told him that I had a PDF copy of the original offer he soon changed his tune and admitted there mistakes. It was handed to Lloyd's complaints dept. They called me back, accepted that I had been fed incorrect information by there people however still will not honour the offer. Needless to say I am very angry and am looking to take this matter further. Any suggestions?


  • zerog
    zerog Forumite Posts: 2,478 Forumite
    Send a letter to their complaints department. If they still won't give you what you think you are owed then go to the Financial Ombudsman with your complaint.
  • QFA380
    QFA380 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie

    I had this exact same problem and they make it very difficult to redeem this offer. They first off all insist you wait 90 days from the end of the 3 month period and they secondly cannot answer as to whether you hit the spend quota. After the 90 days passed, no points posted so I got in touch and between both Avios and Lloyds, neither would take responsibility for the offer and each blamed the loose terms on the other. In the end, I sent an email to Avios customer services and copied in the CEO; you can find his email by googling the website; CEO email. The points where posted a week later with a long apology for the poor service. Give it a try!

    Good luck!
  • billchecker1
    billchecker1 Forumite Posts: 240 Forumite
    Im suprised at all these comments and have had the complete opposite experience.

    Applied for mine in December and had a very healthy credit limit and the first months avios and bonus has been applied straight into my avios account.

    I did ring avios (not Lloyds) to check whether my card was connected to my account and it was. That may be a good tip for someone.
  • LloydsBankHell
    LloydsBankHell Forumite Posts: 4 Newbie
    I have been stung by LLoyds, they say because i cancelled the card - having met all the requirements on spent that i will not get the miles.

    utter tosh, and complete scam on their behalf.


    @ lloydsbankhell
  • JonB80
    JonB80 Forumite Posts: 14 Forumite
    I'm with Lloyds for my main bank account and joint account. I've also got the Avios Duo Credit card and have had no issues with any aspect of their service or products.
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