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I owe £3900 on my baclaycard I'm thinking of transferring £1900 over to a 29 month zero interest ( that's all they will let me transfer Tesco card )and get rid of the balance on my baclaycard by hammering it also how much do you reckon Tesco will take of me monthly.
And lastly is it worth doing,

Many thanks for any replies


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    Tesco monthly minimum repayments are I believe the greater of
    -interest for the month +1% of your balance
    -however much you are over your credit limit.

    Assuming your terms say the same and assuming you have no other balance on the tesco card and don't use it for anything else, the minimum payment should be be £25 a month.

    As to whether it is worth doing, very likely yes. Assuming the barclaycard is charging you interest and you are not in a position to repay it all.
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    Many thanks

    I can afford to pay the barclaycard quicker, with the lesser balance

    12 months left of my mortgage, I will clear the Tesco one without a problem

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