National Space Centre annual pass for the price of day tickets

Took kids to National Space Centre last Friday, On the day tickets they are advertising " Exchange your ticket for Free annual pass". At the end of our trip we went to the desk ay entrance and they did gv us annual passes at no extra cost. Thought this might be of interest to somebody.My kids loved the simmulater and theater so will be going there again soon.


  • earthmother
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    Wonder if this works when paying with Tesco vouchers? Going tomorrow, so will see if it does :)

    As an aside - how long would you allow at the Space Centre with a 6 and 3.5 year old? Is it a full day or a half day?

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    We bought our tickets with tesco clubcard token on the reception, found out about the annual pass deal later on so took our tickets back to the reception on the way out. Before giving the annual passes they asked for the receipts which they hadnot gven us in the morning, so just looked at the tickets and gave the annual passes.
    We reached there at 10 and were ready to come back by 2pm
  • earthmother
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    Well - we've been :)

    Didn't get around to exchanging the tickets at the end, but not too much of a problem this time around - will try another year.

    We were there for about 3 hours - the boys enjoyed it, but there was quite a lot that went straight over their heads - when they're older, I think we'll be there longer (hence the not being worried about the pass just now).

    They really enjoyed the theatre show, and the hands on stuff though. But at the same time, it was hot in there and there is a constant background noise from all the displays - and my lot all have sensitivity to sound after a while, hence grizzly kids by about half way around.

    We didn't get to see the rocket itself (except through the bubble) as all the lifts we came across were barriered off (disabled hubby and a pushchair so stairs no good) :( I seem to recall when it was first built they were without lifts for several months - looks like they've not solved all the problems yet.

    So - if you're able bodied, don't have sound issues and are probably about 8+, it's a great day out - if on the other hand you're my lot - it's ok for a couple of hours.

    Oh, and make sure you have pound coins as there is a machine at the end of Tranquility (probably the noisiest part of the place, lol) that will print an ID card with the kids picture on as if they were a member of the crew. There are staff around who can get change, but the machines time out before they can get back.
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  • mncollyer
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    Does anybody know if they are still doing the exchange scheme, we are hoping to go shortly.

    Cheers Mark :beer:
  • full-time-mum
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    Wonder if this works when paying with Tesco vouchers? Going tomorrow, so will see if it does :)

    As an aside - how long would you allow at the Space Centre with a 6 and 3.5 year old? Is it a full day or a half day?


    There is nothing there for the 3.5 year old. 6 year old may get something out of it depending on their interests.

    Have to say, that we weren't that impressed when we went. We took ours last year when DD1 was 9 and DD2 was 5. We were annoyed to pay for 5 year old as nothing was really suitable for her. DD1 got something out of it but overall we were disappointed. I would consider waiting a year or 2 and even then, leaving younger one with babysitter. Just my opinion and others may disagree.
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    This is not unique. Many museums allow you to return as many times as you like in a year on presenting an original day ticket.
  • Windsor Castle also offer similar passes but you must register and retain your ticket.
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    However the National Space Centre is a not-for-profit charity in reciept of no funding, not a museum so we do find offering discounts impacts on the work we do here. However there are two great deals you can choose on-site to save you money:

    1. Stay Play Explore tickets can be purchased at the National Space Centre for £24 for each adult, giving you a day out here and then a choice of two further days out before December 2010 at either Twycross Zoo, home of the world's largest primate collection, Conkers, in the heart of the National Forest (great adult outdoor assault course!), Snibston Discovery Centre or Bosworth Battlefield (great on battle days!)

    2. For £12.72 you can get a full year pass to come back as many times as you want, this year we worked out you get up to 318 days, so about 4p a day! All we ask is that you "donate" your entry so the charity can claim Giftaid and in return you get a FREE Annual Pass (T&C apply)

    Both offers can be purchased at the ticketing desk, so turn up nice an early to get a full day out and beat the queues.

    Don't forget your pass includes a FREE 30 minute planetarium show (charged for at other attractions), a ride on the world unique 3D SIM, entry into 6 interactive galleries and the Rocket Tower as well as loads of additional stuff during the school holidays. There is even a new exhibition opening in July to mark the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11.
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