Guy received £5000 compensation for cold calls

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Just been listening to this on Moneybox, very impressive! He has set up his own site here
The background

All of this stops me being the victim on subsequent calls - if they don’t call again, I cannot charge. However it almost makes me look forward to the calls, instead of dreading them. Click on HOW TO DO IT for templates of letters you can use.

Like all of us my wife and I get phoned at home by people wanting to claim back PPI from the banks.

They even tell me the amounts of loans that I haven’t had from banks that I haven’t dealt with.

I was feeling oppressed, especially when we kept getting called by what sounded like the same organisation in India.

Here is how I stopped them calling me, and got £195 from them for my trouble
28th and 29th December 2013 Interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme by Paul Lewis

20th October 2013 I got £5000 from a firm of solicitors by suing them for damages under the Privacy of Electronic Communications Regulations.
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