I need ideas for 2014 hand made presents for my grandchildren

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We have 10 grandchildren, so far! Ages 7yrs to 7 months, boys and girls. For the last few years I have made them all the same type of gift,as well as a bought gift. Because their are 10 of them I like to start in January. Over the years I have made applique fleece blankets each, hats that were in the same colour scheme of red and ivory chunky yarn, personalised Christmas pillowcases, polka dot pyjamas and then this year I feel I surpassed myself with hooded towels. They were amazing and I was so proud of them.

My dilemma is what do I make them dot 2014. This may sound silly but I do like to get started.
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  • sethsgransethsgran Forumite
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    Actually solved the problem at 1.30 this morning I am going to make Onesies for them! Thanks for all who have read this
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    Sethsgran - lovely to hear about your makes. I remember you from he Cross Stitch Cafe, hope things are a bit better now. Would love to see pjotos of your handy work if you have links to them.
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    I will try to sort pics for you but not sure if I know how to add them from IPad but will do my best
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    Love the idea of personalised pillowcases sethsgran if you can get any pics it would be a help
  • Were the pillow cases for the pillows they sleep on or for use as a Christmas stocking?
    A few ideas, a stocking each or 'Santa bag', personalised plate/cup/mug, wooden letters spelling out their names decorated to their personality or salt dough doll for their wall, name plates for their doors, personalised baubles for the tree, named bunting or story sacks to go with a book each
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    Many years ago I gave hand painted pillowcases to some of my friend's children. I was amazed to see that one of them was still going strong at Christmas(Brentford's polycotton!) and now being used by one of the grandchildren. I seem to remember I used Dylon fabric paint. (er...30? years ago!) I did wild animals for the boys and Peter Rabbit or similar for the girls
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