Two course lunch deal at Pizza Express

I went to a local Pizza Express today with my daughter and was presented with the a la carte menu and a Christmas two-course menu (£17.95 and interchangeable with the a la carte menu) and a £14.95, two-course, lunch menu.

Feeling hungry, I considered the two-course lunch menu at £14.95 and decided that, from the offerings thereon, I would have the tomato and mozzarella salad and a Gardiniera pizza. Out of interest, I looked on the regular a la carte menu to see how much that would cost and was intrigued to notice it would have come to £14.70! My second choice would have been the Gardiniera with bruschetta and that would have totalled £14.55.

When the waitress came over, I pointed this out and asked for the two dishes - from the a la carte menu. She said she realised it was like that and said she would give it to me for the a la carte price, commenting to her colleague on the conundrum.

So please do all check, if you are able, and especially where the combined specials items are like-for-like to those normally served, that the value offerings are indeed that.
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