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This thread changed my baby's life!!!

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This thread changed my baby's life!!!

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CurryKing_2CurryKing_2 Forumite
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I just wanted to acknowledge everybody's help given to me and my wife at a time when we needed it most.

We ( i should say 'she'!) started breastfeeding our newborn just two weeks ago and it was really painful for my wife. To the extent where her nipples were bleeding and she was dreading our baby waking up as she'd want to feed. My wife was really upset and feeling low. I set up a thread asking for advice from anyone else who'd been though it and the responses were overwhelming.

see here:;action=display;num=1094471388;start=0#0

In the early hours of one morning my wife was really upset and crying and i too was getting upset.

I printed off these pages of wonderful advice and showed my wife who read them all. She found the motivation and changed her attitude literally within 2 minutes of reading this.

To be honest i cant really nominate one individual as everyone contributed. But i'd like to say thanks to everyone.

It has literally changed my baby's life as she's not drinking formula!


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  • jellyheadjellyhead Forumite
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    awww, that's so nice :-)
    i didn't contribute to the thread and know nothing about breastfeeding, just wanted to say i'm glad the site helped and that your family'are happy bunnies :-)
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  • ELLAELLA Forumite
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    Im really pleased your wife had the strength to carry on ;D
    I had the same problem with my daughter and as you said dreaded the thought of feeding her :'( and so had to give up as it was too painful, its a shame I never had the same good advice but well done to everyone who helped you, your wife and daughter.
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