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Boiler + Freezer????????

Hi, Am not sure whether this is the right place but....

I have just moved in to a new flat..a very compact one..and there is no place for a freezer. I have a small Boiler room, which is abt 30 Inches x 50 inches area, and am wondering of its safe enought to put a small freezer under the boiler...there are a few shelves also in this small room and the door to the room has an inch cut on the top nd at the bottom.

Just wanted to know if its safe enough to do so?

Pls advise.

Many thanks


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    Any small room with a boiler in it will get very warm; which is the last place you should place a freezer as it will be working overtime to cool the contents.

    As long as there is sufficient ventilation around the freezer vent it will be safe enough, but I wouldn't advise it.
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