Cheap Rail Fares Offer for the over 50's


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    Thanks very much for this.
    Trips to Liverpool and Sheffield planned.
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    Stompa wrote: »
    Thanks for this stompa, but I have a question re: taking friend. Does anyone know if friend has to be over 50, too?
    The relevant section is below:
    If you're aged 50 or over you can visit some great places for as little as £5 or £10 return by train. What's more, it’s valid for up to 2 people travelling, each paying the offer price, so why not take a friend with you?

    I see nothing other than this.
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    ampersand wrote: »
    Does anyone know if friend has to be over 50, too?

    I had assumed that the friend didn't have to be over 50, since otherwise there's little point in mentioning it in the offer (two people over 50 could just fill in a voucher each and buy their own tickets).

    However, on another forum somebody queried this with Central Trains, and got the following response:

    I asked Central to clarify eligibility for this deal - given you could take a friend, did that person have to be over 50 too?

    Central have (eventually) replied to to say:

    "I can confirm that the offer is for the over 50's only and any accompanying adult who is under 50 must pay the normal fare."
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