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Just want to run this past someone to make sure it’s possible before I proceed. I have a Santander 123 account and a Natwest credit card with £4000 available, together with 27 months 0% on balance transfers.
I called them to see if they could transfer the balance into my Santander account but the operative told me it would be subject to interest straight away. Therefore I’m planning to transfer the balance to a Capital One card I have which would put it in £4k credit. My plan is to then spend on that card to preserve the cash balance in my 123 account.
Is there a problem with any of that?


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    Two I can think of.

    It's against the terms and conditions of a credit card to have positive balance like that. Money laundering checks might stop the transaction or return it, or you could get your card stopped altogether (unlikely).

    The second problem is the money may not be insured so if you were unlucky enough to have your card used for fraud whilst it was in credit then you might lose your money altogether.

    In short you probably won't be allowed to do it.
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