Virgin mobile topups constantly declined on Nationwide debit card

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So frustrated! Virgin mobile do not like Nationwide it seems! A few times I have tried to topup my son's PAYG using my flex account. The card is always declined. Virgin just say check with the bank. The bank say there is nothing wrong with the card & payment should be ok. They have even provided approval codes for the payments and that this suggests the payment server at Virgin is rejecting the funds.

Has anyone got any suggestions or advice?


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    What who's name is the phone registered to with Virgin?

    Yours or your sons?
    I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure.
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    My husbands, however on the phone she changed the name to mine then tried the payment and it still declined. Funny as the card works fine when topping up from a cashpoint?
  • squashysquashy Forumite
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    My card is definitely blacklisted with them. I went into the store today to set up a new SIM only account, for me this time as my contract with o2 has finished. They went through all the details, set it up in my name and surprise surprise my card was declined.

    It is so embarrassing, my card is never declined anywhere else and this week it's been used in both Harrods and Poundland! What is going on and how can I fix it?
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