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  • Some people sure do like to judge. When I first contacted e-on they told me I had to have the meter for 1 year so they could get an accurate assessment of my consumption (maybe this was duff info), then I contact them after the year and am told to pay the £50 to swap the meter - this is what I was miffed about.

    My finances are in good order and as somebody pointed out I would only save a few £'s per year. It's the inconvenience of having to top up the card key all the time.
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    Hi Simba Algorfa,

    I'm not sure if you've seen Malc post above, but as he says it looks like you had been given some incorrect info when you called.

    We no longer charge to change the meter, so you don't need to pay that £50, but you would need to pass a credit check and pay any debt on the meter that's outstanding.

    I hope I've cleared this up for you.

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    It's the inconvenience of having to top up the card key all the time.
    Fair enough. I have a prepay meter so I know it can be an inconvenience.

    I get around it by topping up about £65 a month. Saves a lot of trips to the shop!
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    A PPM is the same price as Standard tariff. So about 6% more than an online discount tariff. Not 'a fortune'.
    Why is it 'unfair' if you are charged for a meter change? Someone has to absorb the actual cost of the meter and labour, which is a lot more than £60. You accepted the property knowing that it had a PPM.
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