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Rushing in?

edited 31 October 2013 at 2:40PM in House Buying, Renting & Selling
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edited 31 October 2013 at 2:40PM in House Buying, Renting & Selling
We have had our house on the market since Start Sept. We had no viewings. We are in a slight rush as im pregnant and really wanted to move before baby was born. We are in a 2 bed terraced house, bought 2007 for £98,500, since house prices have dropped. Home Report valuation was £85,000 so put it on the market at that price then since reduced ours to £77,995 for a quick sale. Still no interest! :( No other 2 bed houses in our area are selling either, so suspect there are a lack of FTB about just now. Either that or with the help to buy scheme they are going for more expensive houses with their 5% deposits and 20% off the government!!!

There are 4 houses we like, 1, 3 bed detached, garage in need of work, 1 semi, immaculate and another 3 bed detached immaculate but top end of budget and the last a 3 bed semi new build.

We cant get the first 3 as we can't sell ours :(

So the last option, a new build, was originally on the market at £149,000 very first phase last year, we went to view it just 3 weeks ago after it reduced it price to £129,00 from £139,000. But last minute changed our minds and decided to drop our house price instead of part exchange with them. But as above have had still no interest!! :(

So last night got an email saying its reduced again to £120,995, so under stamp duty as well.

So go for new build or wait it out.. argh!! New build will be smaller than the first 3 mentioned houses in terms of square foot but has benefits of new build, new kitchen, bathroom, 10 year guarantee etc

I kinda feel I may be going for new build as I am desperate to move for a bigger house. We just can't decide! New house is by Barratt homes, and is cheaper than the 3 bed immaculate detached I mentioned but not cheaper than the other 2.

Any opinions?


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