Changing 3 bedrooms into 2 - bad idea?

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Hi - I am hoping to buy a terrace that is advertised as a 2/3 bedroom house. The 3rd bedroom is very small = 2.30m x 1.90m so I was wondering whether changing it to 2 large bedrooms would decrease the value?

Currently the only bathroom in the house is accessed through the main bedroom and due to the floorplan it is impossible to change this so I would put a small toilet downstairs and then have the main bedroom as the merged 2nd and 3rd bedroom.

Would all of this damage the value of the house as it's removing a bedroom - albeit a very small one.


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    I'm not convinced by what you suggest.

    At present, the main bathroom is essentially an en suite to the main bedroom (albeit the only one in the house). If you move the main bedroom, you're going to have to either go through the guest bedroom or downstairs if you need the toilet in the night.

    You're right that the small bedroom is small, but it can be useful as the study / miscellaneous room. You immediately lose this flexibility if you merge the rooms. However, you would also need to consider the existing size and flexibility of the existing downstairs rooms and the second bedroom in deciding whether you a) want the 3rd room for study, books, etc; b) the downstairs space allows you to put a study / books etc space there instead; c) the existing bedroom 2 is big enough for guest use.

    However, adding a toilet downstairs sounds like a good idea irrespective of what you do upstairs.
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    I guess it'd depend on the shape of the room(s); the small bedroom may not make much sense as part of a larger bedroom, but could be a useful utility/store/office space.

    Edit: If the small bedroom has a communal door, then would it make sense to turn that into a bathroom, rather than reducing some of the downstairs space?
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    OP, please don't start duplicate threads - it's very frustrating to take time to reply on one thread, only to find you needn't have bothered because someone has replied in a similar fashion elsewhere.
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