Advice needed please with regards mis-selling

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Hi all MSE's,
I am with EE and have been mis-sold a broadband package earlier in the year. EE admitted their mistake and thus kept me on the package i was mis-sold at the mis-sold price. I have since upgraded my service to Fibre optic broadband, was told over the phone that "your package will stay the same, Only the price is going to change to £36.25pm instead of £27.25 with the fibre package" I was thrilled because as far as i was concerned, i was getting a great deal. I got my first bill, it was a £100 more than what it should have been and so is my next bill (due 02/11/13). I phoned them up to complain as i believe that, once again, I have been duped by the same company...twice in one year. The first time, they checked the conversation and it turned out that i was in the right, and them in the wrong. I have a feeling that I'm about to have a deja vu. I can clearly recall the chap on the phone when i upgraded my package saying that the only thing that's going to change was the price and that the package would be staying the same. I should say the package is unlimited broadband etc. line rental, calls any time inc 1000 mins to mobiles and 500 free minutes to South Africa (we have family there). I double checked with the advisor because it sounded like a little too good, but he confirmed everything would be staying the same except with the addition of the fibre and the subsequent rise of cost for that.
When i got through to complain, i was told that the package i have didn't include calls to South Africa and so we build up some nice hefty bills. Not only that, they told me it would take 10 working days to sift through the conversation again, that would be fine except it has been nearly 3 weeks, wo when i phoned them up today, i was told that infact it wasn't 10 working days, it is 21 days which means i have to fork out another huge bill in the mean time. I would like to know, is it illegal to mis-sell broadband (they admitted it to me before), where do i stand in terms of contract etc as we still have a while left on i have to pay the next huge bill, what can i do? Any help and advice would be appreciated.
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