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Hi guys

I have just moved into a new place and cant decide best / cheapest broadband to have.
Im not sure who the previous provider was etc but I know the telephone box is not in a good condition with corners smashed off it etc.
I live with my partner and we both just use regular internet, occasionally I may stream a footy match or two a week and when my kids come they use love film on their 3 kindle fire hd's.

Neither of us are interested in getting a home telephone as we both have free calls on mobiles.

Ive been looking at the latest BT offers with first 6 months half price free connection and sainsburys vouchers. is there a better deal I should be looking at ?


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    Have a look at Tesco broadband, new phone will cost £30, line rental 15.99 a month with free broadband
    Don't put your trust into an Experian score - it is not a number any bank will ever use & it is generally a waste of money to purchase it. They are also selling you insurance you dont need.
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    Is the landline working (plug in a handset and test for a dial tone)? if not, a reconnection or reprovison is required. Since broadband is exchange specific, start with an exchange search on for your available LLU providers. You can't have any ADSL or FTTC broadband service without paying line rental.
    If the NTE5 master socket has been user-damaged (sounds like a vacuum cleaner has hit it), then that's a chargeable repair which will cost you a minimum £120 call out from your line rental provider.
    PS: your mobile calls are inclusive, not free.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
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