Looking at moving house and keeping Sky, problem with broadband packages

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Hi there, my girlfriend and I are moving house in December and I've been looking into our broadband stuff. Originally, I thought I might try and cancel my current Sky account and then get my girlfriend to sign up for the new house to take advantage of new customer offers.

However, when I checked out Sky's speeds for our new house, it said that I cannot get Sky Unlimited Broadband in my area but that I can get Sky Connect? This annoys me slightly, as just for the fact that the speeds are lower it's now no longer giving me the option to have unlimited? This seems a bit harsh.

So I was wondering, if I just used Sky's Home switch service (or whatever it's called) does anyone know if I can keep my current Sky services so that although I won't get the speed, I'll keep the unlimited?

Or is anyone else aware of any really good deals that are going on at the minute? To be honest the only reason I want to stick with Sky is my addiction to Sky Sports; Murdoch has his claws well and truly in me!

Thanks for any advice, Tom


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    I was in exactly the same situation a year ago when I moved, and, unfortunately, your only option if you want to keep Sky broadband with your other Sky services is to accept Sky Connect with its lower limits and greater price. I went from paying £5 for Sky Unlimited with a 10mb connection to paying £17.50 for Sky connect with a 0.9mb connection. I accepted it because (at the time) that was still cheaper than others as it was a new estate and very few providers actually supplied to the site.

    The only thing I can suggest is to keep your TV package with Sky, so you can continue to watch the channels you love, but move your phone and broadband to another provider. The reason Sky can only offer you Connect is because they don't have their equipment in the local exchange, meaning that, to supply you, they have to piggyback on another provider and therefore play by someone else's rules. You'll most probably find another provider who is in the exchange and therefore won't limit you, but, be warned, in an area with few suppliers competition is low so prices will be high.
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    As above. It's not 'harsh'. Sky is not LLU'd on your new exchange, so you'll be on Sky Connect, which is just a resold BT Wholesale product. This costs Sky much more (becuase they have to pay BTW the wholesale rate), so no unlimit6ed service.
    Avoid Sky Connect at all costs-look at your other LLU options on samknows.com, if any.
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  • Thanks to both of you, this totally explains the increase in cost! I'll look at swapping over the TV package but look elsewhere for broadband and line then
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