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AQUA late payment question

Hi everyone.

My girlfriend made a payment on her Aqua credit card in a halifax branch on the 19th, she paid via cash and the bank clerk said the payment would get there on time (21st) as she specifically asked.

Today her credit card got declined at a shop so she rang and asked and they said she hadn't paid off the minimum payment so would incur a £12 charge.

a) any way to remove this charge
b) will it affect her credit rating
c) anyway to minimise/reverse any damage to her credit rating?



  • YorkshireBoy
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    (a) Plead! Ask to set up a minimum payment DD at the very least as an insurance policy.

    (b) Possibly, the extent will depend on other factors. However, it's entirely possible that it won't be reported if it arrived before the next statement was produced.

    (c) Time is a good healer!

    At the end of the day though, her statement would have told her how long to allow for the payment to reach her account. What did that say?...and I'm betting it didn't say 2 days, especially as the 19th of October was a Saturday!...and because Saturday isn't a bank working day what she was expecting was a payment same day. That's an unrealistic expectation, especially when paying by cash/BGC in a bank branch.
  • iancrt
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    (a) Plead! Ask to set up a minimum payment DD at the very least as an insurance policy.
    Pleading often works if you demonstarte you honestly intended to pay on time - and setting the DD will help your case. Don't go in there accusing them of wrong doing etc though. They havent done anything wrong but with the right attitude you may get a 'gesture of good will'
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