What's Worth Buying In Tesco / Sains / Asda / etc

Hi everyone.

So we've already had several threads asking what's good in Aldi and / or Lidl.

Answer - most things.

My question is this - what's worth buying in the other supermarkets, particularly the "big" ones.

I have a Tesco on my doorstep and go there for any branded stuff I like (so long as mysupermarket.com tell me they have "savvy buy" offers on). Most things I just get at my beloved Aldi and I also get a few things from Lidl.

So I really have no reason at all to go to Asda or Morrisons or Sainburys.

Or do I?

A few people have commented on Sains tomato soup in other threads. Apparently it's cheap and nicer than Heinz. I'll believe it when I try it. And I DO want to try it but need more reasons than that to get in the car and use the petrol.

I'd like to know if there's anything good that's EXCLUSIVE at any of the big supermarkets. So brands which you can buy at other places are out.

I guess, then, it just leaves own-brand stuff. Anything you'd really say is good for taste and price? Am I actually just better off getting everything at Aldi and just popping in to the big supermarkets for brands and tobacco??

Don't know if this thread is even worth starting but I would quite like an excuse to try more own-brand stuff to see if there's anything I'm missing out on so I'd love to know if anyone out there in MSE land has any faves they'd like to tell us about.

So, we have several votes for Sains tomato soup in the bank. What else?

Doesn't matter which shop so long as it's not Aldi or Lidl or anything to do with brands that I can buy anywhere.


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