MSE News: Asda and Tesco to cut petrol and diesel prices

"Asda and Tesco will both cut petrol and diesel prices on all forecourts from tomorrow..."
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Asda and Tesco to cut petrol and diesel prices


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  • helen stop
  • Woohoo!!! I'm gonna do something crazy like drive to the local corner shop to celebrate.
  • Yeah a whole whopping penny off the litre. Hardly news helen is it.
  • motorguy
    motorguy Posts: 22,472 Forumite
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    Yeah a whole whopping penny off the litre. Hardly news helen is it.

    Totally agree

    When they put the price up they'll keep their heads down, but they'll think they're heroes when they tell everyone they've knocked a penny off - good PR after all!
  • molerat
    molerat Posts: 31,798 Forumite
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    Last time they reduced 2p when the wholesale price had reduced 6p so why not just tell us the real story about how much they are profiteering by not passing on the cuts instead of some pro supermarket spin. Anyone would think you are getting a bung from them.
  • Tesco near us are always dearer than sainsburys and as they have not said they will cut then Tesco won't. No Asda with petrol near us, Morrisons are always dear anyway.
    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
  • increase the price up to a penny less than what shell and bp are charging for 1 week. Then announce a sale and reduce it back to original prices.

  • jase1
    jase1 Posts: 2,308 Forumite
    Meh, it'll do me.

    Having just signed up for a Santander cashback card, putting the two together that's 5p off each litre over what I paid last week, better than a slap in the face.
  • You can bet that if Asda and Tesco are cutting their prices the other supermarkets will do so as well. I just wish the petrol retailers own sites would do the same. Our local Shell is 1p / 2p more expensive than Sainsbury's and 1p more than another Shell about 2 miles down the road !
    Thank you for reading this message.
  • my local garage dropped diesel to 137.9 2 weeks ago - then last week it went back to 141.9.............

    Hang on - YES 1p off :j
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