MSE News: Nando's spices up its loyalty scheme - what's on the menu?

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"Nando's has launched a new electronic loyalty card offering more reward options than previous schemes..."
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Nando's spices up its loyalty scheme - what's on the menu?


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    I assume its the same as the old scheme and keeps rolling, until the 10th, then you start again? (So 10 stamps in fact gets you 1/4, 1/2 and a whole, rather than once you have 3, you can use them, and you go back to 0?)
  • boyo2boyo2 Forumite
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    You can now "bank" rewards as you go along. When you get to 3 chillies then you get a free 1/4 or free starter. If you don't want it straight away you can bank that reward. You can claim it at anytime.

    When you get to 10, then you earn a whole chicken. Again you can bank this and you go back to 1. You can save all these up for a whole year if you wish!

    Hope this helps

    A Nandos manager
  • sjw64sjw64 Forumite
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    How do you get the lolalty card, is it in store?
  • Nando's, another chain selling overpriced rubbish. Been there twice now and cant understand the hype about it. Perhaps the loyalty scheme is because of falling sales?
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  • Good company just shame about some of the managers they employ!!

    IF you truly want free food from Nandos just send in a complaint and you receive a chicken check for a free meal for 2.
  • They loyalty card is because you could buy 10 pre stamped paper old style loyalty cards on ebay for 30 odd quid.

    A lot of nandos staff making a lot of money on the side....
  • colink24colink24 Forumite
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    I tend to eat here a fair bit when eating out. It may seem a little expensive but you can usually eat for two for less than £25, which is tough to beat at most restaurants.

    Its a good high protein, good carb, low fat meal which appeals to me as I lift.
  • stonemanstoneman Forumite
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    Some people actually bought a stamper off of ebay and while the back of the cashier was turned would help themselves to several empty cards. That person then would stamp away and flog them on ebay for a tidy sum.:D
    Then the [STRIKE]dastardly [/STRIKE] clever company changed the stamp to an inferred image that was almost impossible to copy. :(
    The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.
  • I'll be annoyed if I can't gain anymore stamps at any of my stores, as I'm 2 away from a free whole chicken!! I went Nandos a couple of weeks ago, no mention of any new scheme...
  • The article is not accurate!!! You can still collect stamps on your old paper card (orange design, not the old old ones, I still see them sometimes ) as well as spend them until 30th June 2014. If any store is refusing to stamp your card then contact Nandos Customer Service! But is should not happen really.

    PS. I work for Nandos
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