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I got my first ticket from a company called 'smart parking' today, operating also as town and city parking. I have a disabled badge, but parked in a bay next to the disabled spaces as there were none free. I am from Inverness in Scotland where every other car park allows free parking in any space for disabled badge holders. Stupidly I never read smart parking's 'house rules' and have landed myself with a £90 fine. £45 if I pay in 2 weeks. I have read a few threads on here About ignoring it but I'm unsure if this is correct? And what will happen next?


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    You have nothing at all to worry about, my friend.

    Ignore everything that may arrive.

    Do NOT enter into ANY correspondence with them at all.

    Ignore them, and they will send you 5 or 6 letters - each one suggesting ever more dire consequences - and then they will give up.

    Reply or explain, and it will take nearly a year for them to stop.

    As long as the address on your car documents is in Scotland they can not do anything against you.
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    1. Search the parking forum for the single keyword 'Scotland' and read recent results.

    2. Ignore all the rubbish letters. There is no appeal in Scotland.

    3. Complain to the retailer, was it Asda? Go in and complain, get it cancelled.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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