For months now I have been getting repeated phone calls which are just a recorded message asking if I am getting free UK calls and to press 1 for a call back. I used to just hang up but they continued, usually around twice a week. I have opted out of sales calls and my number is ex directory.

As these calls kept coming I pressed 1 for the call back and explained each time that these calls were NOT welcome and could they please remove my number from their records. The calls continued.

So I continued to press 1 for a call back to try and establish who these people are and why they are not getting the message. On three separate occasions I was assured that I would not be bothered again but no one would tell me who this company were and one even hung up on me when I pushed the issue.

So today I got yet another call and decided to use a different tactic. I said that I had been getting a lot of scammers calling me lately and so before we proceed I will need to know what company you are calling from so that I can check you out online before I give you any info.

I finally got my answer. Italk Telecom. They are a broker offering BT Openreach services. Just wanted to post this in case anyone is getting these calls and has been unable to establish who is responsible. As a new user I cannot post the full URL so use your imagination :)
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