I don't need another skinny Latte

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    You've been doing so well Skinny!  Well done!
    I changed over to being vegan some time ago - well I'm not 100% and do come off the wagon sometimes.  I don't really miss meat or fish that much but cheese I do miss. The vegan versions however worthy to do come up to scratch!  🧀🧀🧀🧀😀. I loved The Game Changers too. Have you seen Forks Over Knives or What The Health?  Both very interesting and informative.  
    Good news on the Airbnb booking!👍
    Another 3 months gone! I hope things are well with you SSG, you must have retired by now? I hope you're having an amazing time.
    I've watched Forks OVer Knives, but not What The Health, thanks for the tip I will check that out. 
    I'm probably managing about 80-90% plant based, it does have a fantastic and positive impact on health in so many ways, I've been trying to tell me friends the benefits, but I think I'm just sounding like a tree hugger!

    Financially things are good. The car loan is down to £8k now, CC is paid off each month. Main mortgage £80k. I'm changing the Airbnb mortgage to interest only and will pay the capital part into a pension, it's more tax efficient, and as it's a business loan, I'm not treating it as personal debt!
    Savings are looking very healthy, but that might change now we're allowed back out, and (exiting news) I've met someone at last, so will be spending more on going out.
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    Ooh very exciting news, hope all goes well 🥰
    Sealed pot challenge 822

    Jan - £176.66 :j
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    Thanks Skinny!  Yes I've finally retired and can highly recommend it!😃
    It all sounds very healthy on the finance front - well done!
    And wonderful news on the new person in your life!
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