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  • Woodruffe
    I have fallen foul of this. I had a credit card with Alliance and Leicester a number of years ago and PPI was put on it without my permission. Since then the account was transferred to Santander and then MBNA and I had undergone a number of house moves so all unnecessary paperwork was shredded and binned.

    A simple letter and one stamp later MBNA had refunded me the PPI which fell under their jurisdiction but Santander were not so forthcoming. Even with account numbers and details gladly given to me by MBNA, Santander did not have any record as it was over 7 years ago. They were more than willing to process a refund if I could provide copies of the statements but obviously I could not! A very costly mistake I shall not be making again.
    CRISPIANNE3 Posts: 1,471 Forumite
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    I am with Lloyds and my online statements go back to July 2002 so storage is not a problem for me.
  • jamesperrett
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    I wonder if anyone has gone as far back as 1983? I took a loan for a car then and was told that I wouldn't be accepted unless I had PPI. Just have to see if I have any paperwork...
  • tricia2673
    anyone know what Goldfish transferred to
  • derrick
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    tricia2673 wrote: »
    anyone know what Goldfish transferred to


    Don`t steal - the Government doesn`t like the competition

  • Sooler
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    I am with Lloyds and my online statements go back to July 2002 so storage is not a problem for me.

    You still need to download and keep your own copies, in case the bank removes older ones after a certain time.
  • Sooler
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    Keep a scanned copy of all paperwork - shred the original.
  • Figgerty
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    I have never taken out PPI nor had a packaged bank account because they did not suit my situation. Why have so many people fallen for the sales hype and not checked if the supposed benefits would really benefit them. What are you buying today that you are not investigating properly before entering a contract to buy. I turned down several offers of buying PPI over the years and in one instance went to a different bank for a car loan because of hardselling on PPI.

    How much has PPI mis selling cost us all?
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  • Dollydaydream33
    My mother used to drive me mad by keeping all her bank statements, as far back as the 60's when the Midland Bank was still going! I used to do all her banking and pay her bills so I kept them all in order in files and this was such a godsend because when she died two of my sisters said that they had been giving my mother money each month for many years and that she promised to pay them back out of the sale of her house when she died. They didn't bank (pardon the pun!) on me having all her statements to disprove this which also included details of my mother giving THEM money!
    I have kept all mine and I am also about to go down the PPI route.
  • Wings_of_Ambition
    What lovely sisters you have there!
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