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My husband died in March 2012 leaving debt on two of his credit cards, and his bank account. In order to pay these debts his house has been put on the market, but has not been sold as yet. Meanwhile his credit cards are are continuing to be charged interest each month and the debts are getting larger.
Is this right, can the credit card companies continue to charge interest, and is there a way to freeze these debts?

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    Why hasn't the property been sold?
  • Thrugelmir,
    I'm not sure why the house hasn't sold yet. The original asking price was fair, and has been dropped by £20,000 over the last six months to try to encourage a sale. It is in a good area and in immaculate condition. I guess no one wants to move to this town.
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    I would write to all concerned enclosing a copy of his death certificate, pointing out to them that at the point of his death, he legally and contractually defaulted on the account. Remind them that as the default date should match the date of death no interest should have been applied since then.

    Advise you expect all interest and charges levied since the date of death should he removed, and that failure to do so will result in referral of the matter to the financial ombudsman.

    Sorry for your loss; and good luck :o
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    When my Mum died she had one CC with Halifax, I informed them of her death and they put a stop on the card with immediate effect, after the house had been sold the debt was cleared.
    There was no will so had to go through Probate and had a Solicitor, I don't think it matters either way as long as you contact the companies in the first instance.

    Do as izools has said.

    Was there PPI on these cards? you could claim on this insurance.
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