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MSE News: Government to stop councils' 'backdoor parking taxes'

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  • We tried to do out of town parking at our premises and "free lift" people in to work and back......refused as I didnt have a license for hire and reward or PSV license....same as new year eve,when we used to put on a minibus to take people home (no charge) but apparently the reward came by means of them being able to purchase an event ticket in the knowledge they would be getting a lift home included!!!

    Question:1) Now we have to enter our reg number for display on ticket,should not that mean we should only pay for the time we actually use that space to park?
    Or 2) Have I rented that space under contract for the time, say 3 hours but only use 30 mins,so therefore can I sub let the remainder of the time by "passing" the ticket on (free)?
    Surely there must be a legal way of stitching these greedy councils?
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