Private fuel benefit help....

Hi all,

i'm hoping someone can help me quickly as I've been offered a new role which comes with a fuel card which can be used for private fuel.

I current have a company car (Audi A5, Black Edition, 2013) and claim all my business mileage back via their online system and get reimbursed 19p per business mile.

I have just been offered a fuel card and i don't know if its worth it - I've had a look on HMRC and still confused - Starting read forums too staying i could claim tax back which didnt help...

Does anyone know if it would be beneficial and what the break even point would be?

My profile

Salary £56,000
Car as above with optional extra of folding wing mirrors
Health cover - about £500 BIK

Hopefully someone out there can help...

thanks in advance



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