when would esa stop

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hi, just wondered if anyone knew. If my husband closed his esa claim, how long would it take for them to make the final payment? Also is it better to phone dwp or write to close a claim? can i make a new claim for jsa whilst his claim is is being closed down?

thanks:) p.s my husband definitley wants to close his claim down, we just want to know the best way to go about closing his esa claim and opening a new jsa claim in my name


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    does he want to stop claiming esa because he has got better?are you actively seeking work?
  • jane87
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    he wants to stop claiming esa to avoid the stress of wfi's and the work programme. The plan i will start claiming jsa and hopefully find a job soon. Thanks
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    I'm not 100% but unless you have dependants or caring responsibilities I think you both need to attend JSA and sign on etc
  • jane87
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    Hi, we have children, so does that mean that only i will have to sign on as the main claimant even though i will claim for him as my partner? thanks
  • MidnightHour
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    Has he been for a wifi yet? it may not be as bad as he thinks, if it is then decide.

    I think benefit is paid in arrears hence having to wait the 4 weeks, you would be better phoning local JC to get the facts though.
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    how old are the children?
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    Does he (or you, or any of the children) get "DLA care" middle or high rate? If so someone could claim Carers Allowance and get Income Support.

    How old are the children?

    Yes he can phone to close his claim if he is in WRAG this won't be a problem (no sicknotes required), if he is still on assessment then he can only close it from the day his sicknote runs upto.

    When he has phoned to say "close it from XX/XX/XX" (he will be paid ESA upto the day before xx/xx/xx)... You can then phone to claim JSA advance claim (no more than 3 days before xx/xx/xx) to start from xx/xx/xx.

    Tip: His ESA is paid fortnightly - lets say on a Friday - the payment is released 2 days before so if he phones on the Wednesday and says "has my payment for Friday been released?" They will say "yes" and he can say "I want to close the claim from Saturday".... Then you phone JSA (or do it online) and say I want to make a new claim to JSA starting from Saturday...

    Then you will recieve your final ESA payment ontime, and you have 2 weeks until you would have expected the next payment. This will now be JSA so you may have to wait a further week till payment so 3 weeks in total.
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    Hi, we have 3 children between 8 and 10. None of us claim DLA.

    Would it be ok for him to write to the DWP (hate the idea of being on the phone for ages) and tell them that he wishes to close his ESA from xx/xx/xx.(the date of the letter) and then once the letter is posted(with proof of posting) I go online and claim JSA from the date of the letter?

    If the date of the letter and closure is the day after payment like you were saying epitome would that mean that giving them 2 weeks before the next payment would be due would be enough time to make sure they do not make an overpayment.

    When do jsa payments start. Is it nothing for the first 3 days after application date? do you go to the meeting at the job centre and then when they approve the claim you get a payment 2 weeks later, hence probably waiting 3 weeks to get a payment from application?

    also is it better that i tell housing and council tax benefit and tax credits about going from esa to jsa upon completing application or upon receiving first payment?

    sorry for so many questions

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    In theory that letter would be ok. In practice, it probably won't be.

    If you phone between 8:00am - 08:50 am there is no phone queue
    Generally there is no phone queue about 15:00 - 15:50
    He has to be present when the call is is made.

    JSA will take upto 3 weeks to process and issue payment from the date of online completion/submission or from date of phonecall. It will be nothing for the 1st 3 days.

    Whilst he has ESA your NI credits are not being paid unless the child benefit is in your name.

    Whilst you have JSA his NI credits will not be paid unless you transfer the child benefit to his name.

    I would tell HB on completing the application, but they will probably say "show us the JSA letter when you receive it".
  • jane87
    jane87 Forumite Posts: 22 Forumite
    thank you for all your help:)
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