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Credit File Query

Hi Guys,

Been trying to sort my finances over past year, and am finally getting somewhere! Have cleared down all my credit cards, was just over 4k, and just have final bit of my overdraft to go :)

Am working towards getting a mortgage, and registered for the free trial on checkmyfile, to see what it looks like, and we get to my question.

My file looks ok apart from one thing, I have under an old barclaycard credit account(since closed) where the worst status is "[5]Either the payment due wasn't made for 5 months, or the account is 5 months in arrears"

This is dating back to 2007, and was over an issue where I thought the card was cleared, but 10 was still on this, no payment received(as i didnt know there was a balance), this went up to 20... five months later I realised the mistake, and paid of the balance in full, this point it was up to about £60, and closed the account.

This is really the only black spot, but it seems to be having quite an adverse effect on the overall rating, I suppose 5 months without payment thats to be expected.

Is there anything I can do regarding this? I noticed on the credit file site, it said that this account will be reported until Jan 2014, after this, will it be completely wiped from my record?

Thanks for any clarification!


  • You-kipYou-kip Forumite
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    No lender would ever use Checkmyfile and its more then likely that no information on that site should really be taken into account.

    Experian & Equifax are the 2 you need to check not some third party site that no lender uses.
  • jason2_ukjason2_uk Forumite
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    Thanks for the reply,
    I've only just registered for checkmyfile, not sure if you have any experience with it, but for each account/creditcard you have, it links where it is getting the data from, and with the account in question here, its listed as coming from Equifax, and CallCredit, so I'm assuming that the information is coming from Equifax
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