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pateroopateroo Forumite
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Just wondering what the benefits are to blogging from a crafty perspective.


  • pateroopateroo Forumite
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    Also, does anyone have any tips for which blog sites to use, layouts, linking other blogs, labels/tagging,.
  • It's nice being able to follow other crafters, it also means you can take part in crafty challenges (which not only challenge you but normally have crafty prizes) and give always. It's nice also to have a record of what you made. Mines quite new but I'm using blogger as its very simple. I used their own template but with my own photo for the background
    Best wins in 2013 £200 and Mini iPad. 2014 no wins. 2015 2 nights 5* hotel with £300 vouchers plus £1150 Harrods gift card
    Rehome an unwanted prize or gift with a seriously ill child through
  • pateroopateroo Forumite
    252 Posts
    Thanks-just had a quick mosey and it looks great. I've followed a couple of blogs I already like-is there a way of getting updates from these -like a news feed of when they post? Not all blogs seem to have a subscribe feature. Any tips for gadgets to add to monitor blogs that are being read/popular etc?
    Mine is only done two posts so far though :o)
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