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Hi, I've got some lovely 12 by 12 papers which have inspired me to do a scrapbook, only I don't know if I actually need a scrapbook! Can you just stick the pages back to back and if so, how do you keep the whole thing together? I've only done one scrapbook before, for that I brought a book and stuck backing papers in. Thanks :beer:
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  • Butterscotch-Butterscotch- Forumite
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    You could use a comb binder but you're really best to get an album. You will need page protectors to put the pages in before going in the album. There are two types - d ring and postbound. If you google search you'll be able to see what they look like.
  • I'd recommend a dedicated scrapbook album. They're made in the right way, right size, to take the 12x12" papers and have adequate protection for them. Once you've finished a few pages you'll begin to realise that you want them held properly and not just in any old folder.

    You can buy an already made album, or you can buy blank albums which you can decorate up yourself. You could make your own album from scratch but I think for someone who's a beginner I'd start with a ready made and grow in confidence before you try to tackle a complete project of making an album itself, because once you begin you'll get a feel for what's available and also whether you want to add the work of making an album itself or use one of the alternatives. (Making a decent album folder is extra work and if you want to make it sturdy enough to protect your pages you might find that you'll get dis-heartened - which I'd just hate because scrapbooking is such a wonderful way to 'journal' the story you're putting together in photographs.)

    Basically: walk before you can run. Get into scrapbooking first and then you'll 'see' later on whether you want to tackle making an actual album folder, or would rather buy one.
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    I think albums can be expensive, you could get some 12 x 12 sleeves and with holes in and bind them with wool.

    It helps protect them.

    Depends on your budget really
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    Have a look at Mel's site she is a fantastic scrapbooker and card maker and will give you tips on layout and design.
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